Remains of MIA Found

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by tomahawk6, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. I hope that the family can find some peace after this. Four years if windering and waiting. SSG Maupin, RIP.
  2. amazing that he was promoted from Pte to Sgt while he was missing.
    At least his family have him back and can give him a burial. RIP
  3. I can only imagine SSG Maupin's family's pain having him missing all that time and now the heartbreak of knowing he is dead. They are all in my thoughts.
  4. This is another example of how well, comparatively, the Americans deal with their servicemen. The reason he was still getting promotions is so that his family will get the appropriate increase in benefits he would have accrued had he not been MIA. They basically look at where he would have got to on the promotion ladder had he been in a positon to do so.

    A farsighted and generous policy that some of our penny pinching politicians could well do with looking at.
  5. I have got to agree with you old_n_fat,its a very good way of handling a difficult situation,if only our lords and masters cared about our lads and lasses as much,thoughts are with the Lads family,just a footnote IIRC didn't our lads get their pay stopped if they were taken prisoner in WW2?
  6. Instead of sending a letter to your wife asking for some wages back!
  7. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    RIP, SSG Maupin
  8. No I don't think so but IIRC they had to revert to substantive rank.
  9. Merchant seamen automatically had their pay stopped if the ship they were assigned to was sunk and it was not restored until they were drafted to another ship.
  10. RIP, nice to see the way the Yanks do something right. Our lot would be chasing his estate for unpaid mess bills and draw tickets.