Discussion in 'REME' started by ducebigalo, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. Rumours and whispers in the corridoors suggest that now that the treasury have written off the tiffy overpayment. The remaining tiffies who were in the boat at the same time are to recieve back payment :thumleft: to even things out..............its only fair, now when is this going to happen?

    Is this just more injustice???????????????/ :frustrated:
  2. :numberone: If you want a SPS point of view I believe that you have more chance of platting shat with knitting needles! The monies that people were paid were quote 'recieved in good faith' - however DEME A has probably fought the case to stop those who won the tiffy lottery stop them repaying it back. However the already skint treasury is not gonna fork out just to stop some tiffies moaning becuase they didnt win the Pay 2000 lottery. Dont a get a sad on get mag on and stag on. Bearing in mind you chaps are on higher pay band already and I see plenty of tiffies going home way before me.... nuff said?? I await millions of bites from my fishing rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumright: :headbang:
  3. You Tosser!!!

    I was saving that for April.
  4. Nice one!

    Tiffies don't stag on by the way, not on higher pay band!
  5. Wonders if every one will get a bonus and not just the queue jumpers.
  6. Did you try to jump the queue or are you happy to shuffle along?
  7. Just carry on with what im doing quite happy cheers.
  8. no because thier too busy being doing a tiffies job on crafties pay after being overpiad !!!!!!!! so they may aswell get on the gate for the next 6 months!
  9. just received a letter in response to second letter of redress, informing me that i will be receiving the back payment for LTL transfer hiccup thereby insuring i have been treat fairly. can provide ref if req. About time and thanks to AO.
  10. Are you winding people up?, if not i would be glad of the reference
  11. Got the feeling that GWAboy is taking the PI?? but if not then i will be the first to appologise as i too would want the Ref as i have contacted PS10 and asked if i can redress but it would not gain anything!
  12. sorry boys just a WAAAAAAAAA