Relocation to St Athan - joint services training centre

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Outstanding, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. Questions in the House and hefty offers of Regional Development Agency funding tied to jobs in local constituencies may have more influence over any decision in the MoD :cry:

  2. Outstanding. You seem to have a strong interest in St Athan? Your not in the employ of the Welsh Assembly Government are you?
  3. No mate - Queen and Country
  4. This old chestnut again. Chicksands is one of the 6 Tri-Service Federated Defence Training Establishments as the provider of Sy, Language, Int & Phot (SLIP) trg. There is ample real estate there to undertake all this training across the entire defence community. The idea of co-locating Logisitics and SLIP trg is somewhat baffling. Although I did hear a rumour Deepcut was being sold off. The Welsh politicians, understandably, want as many jobs in their constituencies as possible. Just becasue they want it, doesn't mean it's going to happen. Now that St Athen is home to the SF support group it's unlikely to close. It also unlikely that the entire defence training regime will co-locate there. The idea is to have fewer sites, not 1.
  5. Op Int&Sy, I dont see that they can even consider closing Chicksands. Perhaps they mean Language Training?
  6. If you don't have language trg undertaken at the same site as the other SLIP trg then what's the point of the review? DISC has 'owned' the Defence School of Languages for some time. From what I've seen of DSL, it's not that big and could easily be accomodated in Chicksands. This would be easily paid for by the selling off of the land DSL currently occupies. Lets face it, it's in a much nicer area that Chicksands and it doesn't smell of onions!
  7. Some people like the smell of onions in the morning though!!!!

    Not this callsign though

    To be honest though, I don't know which is a rougher night out-Barry or Bedford?
  8. Can't comment on Bedford but Barry is getting better - I kona a girl of 17 with NO children!

    She's obviously shunned by the other chavs
  9. The problem is that the powers that be have an issue of over the English Language Wing at Beaconsfield. They don't want lots of dodgy foreign soldiers kicking about at Chicksands.

    I would say that the answer is to move DSL to Chicksands, and relocate the English Language wing to somewhere like Sandhurst (especially as most the students are OCdts on intensive language training before going to RMAS)

  10. Yeah, we've got enough of our own dodgy people at Chicksands as it is!!!!!
  11. Yeah I remember from my time there!
  12. Considering the RMP have just moved from Chichester to Portsmouth in order to join their RN, RM and RAF counterparts I seriously doubt all the tri-service establishments would go the St Athans.
  13. Inf/MP, I think you are right. The proposal only talks of REME/R Sigs and Lang Trg moving to St Athan by 2012
  14. Are the Welsh Guards still at RAF St Athan or have they gone to man sentry boxes in London again?