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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by crazyk69, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi
    I'm after some help, the Regt i am at are in the process of moving to Germany as part of the Op Halifax move. Most of the guys that are here aren't going, where do they stand for relocation leave.
    A lot of them are posted;
    a) within the UK (We are in Catterick now), where do they stand.
    b) guys/girls posted within the same Garrison, where do they stand.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated as it seems to be a grey area.

  2. Check with the your Sys Co-ord but i think i have answered above, at least how it was explained to me!! :?
  3. Thanks for the quick reply,
    how many days is the entitlement, I've heard it has changed.
    Even though they are in the same garrison, they are physically moving does this make a difference.
    Tried to sort out through unit but everyone is bomb bursting so not many SME's here.
  4. Rules for relocation leave are contained in JSP 760 Chap 8 - all 8 paragraphs of it!
  5. Crazy, from JSP 760. If they are moving ,be it SLA or SFA then technically they are entitled even in the same garrison. However because the receiving unit takes the hit some CO/OC may see it as taking the urine to take 10 days but it is an entitlement so good luck :wink:

    Chap 8
    For Army personnel. Relocation leave for moves is 10 working days for trained strength personnel, but only after they have joined their first unit. Thereafter, all personnel moving as a result of a posting order necessitating a change of SFA, SLA, substitute equivalents or private accommodation will receive 10 days relocation leave. The entitlement is not shared by the RN and RAF, and therefore only applies to moves between Army units, or from Joint or other Service to Army units. Army to Joint or Army to other Service moves only qualify for one day within UK and 10 days from overseas as set above. The leave is normally to be set against the receiving unit's establishment, but this may be varied if both units agree, and should be allowed for when specifying reporting dates on individual posting orders. It may be taken either before or after the individual’s latest time of arrival (LTA) at his new unit, but must be agreed by both units beforehand. In the case of reverse handovers , the relocation leave is normally to be taken immediately prior to finally starting work with the new unit.
  6. How many are aware that if moving between units in Germany and take the ten days 'relocation' leave you do not qualify for LOA during the period you are on said leave?
  7. No, surly the 18 day rule is appliciable here, whereby, you do not drop in LOA entitlement unless you are out of duty station/on leave for more than 18 days, although, it's been 5 years since I was in Germany, things may have changed, if so, that is well out of order and should be reviewed immediatly.....immediatly I say.
  8. If you enter as your reason for leave as 'Relocation' into JPA it automatically stops your LOA for the period. Discussion with admin staff says that that is what the 'new' Allowance Regs State although it looks as if the Regs have not been changed since Relocation leave is now permissable between stations in the same theatre (Germany).
    Giving with one hand and removing with the other. I have put my 'Relocation' down as Individual Leave Allowance (ILA) to retain LOA however losing 10 days of my ILA in the process!

    It isn't right, but I believe that this one has slipped under the radar and that there must be many who haven't realised and have been 'deprived' of approx £200 LOA (depending on rank and situation) without leaving theatre but have been granted their 10 days to relocate. Whoopee.....