Relocation Leave?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by big_un, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. I know the rules on relocation leave have been updated recently.

    Can anyone confirm what the amount of relocation leave you get now for a posting, from one BFG unit to another BFG unit.

  2. 10 days for all moves. To be taken from the receiving unit.
  3. Only if you go to an Army Unit, RAF/RN lead Tri Service Units do not allow the 10 days for inter theatre moves, certainly not in the UK, they allow 1 day travel, that's it.

    You can try and negotiate with your new unit and your current unit to see if they will allow the leave to be taken before you arrive, otherwise, yep, the recieving unit takes the hit after your LTA, seems daft to me, surly you need the leave to relocate, not after you have relocated, oh well, there you go.


  4. I thought that the 1 day move to Tri-Service units had been sorted out as we are now working to Tri-Service Regs.
  5. Oh no, they, that is the RN and the RAF did not sign up to this army policy on it's inception, nor have they to date, it's a huge bone of contention with my RAF and RN counterparts, so we dipped in there, have a look at the JSP on Leave, I think it's there, if not, there is a policy letter floating about from 2006, I can't remember the originator at the moment.
  6. Makes a balls of Tri-Service agreements then.
  7. Just had a booty posted to my place, and is getting his 10 days from us.

    No complaints from him.
  8. The other 2 Services personel who come into an army unit fall under our rules, in the same way as when we get posted to an RAF/RN lead unit fall under their policy. This is also detailed in said policy letter.
  9. It never was a Tri Service agreement, they did not sign up to this Army policy from the outset.
  10. Oh OK.

    Makes a balls of having Tri-Service Regulations then.

    (I'll get there in the end!)
  11. Yep I compleatly agree, they, that is the other 2 services, interpret, seek amendment or outside regulation, to suit their needs (cos the JSP's do not suit their working ethos), 3 services with completly different roles, Tri Service regulations across the board, in a total purple environment will not work, at this point in time we all differ to much.

    Sailors cannot take 10 days relocation on assignment to a ship, can you imagine, sorry skipper, you cannot sail, the new XO is on 10 (working days) relocation.
  12. Always thought that the gaining unit taking the hit was barking, but this quote does really put it into perspective. The JSP needs to be rewritten to say losing unit as this is just causing animosity between employer and employee.

    Being cynical, I see it as another 10 days leave that you cannot take.

  13. LJS, my unit isn't an Army unit, but all relocation leave from and too the unit falls under the receiving unit.

    Confused? Good not just me then.

  14. I'm a JPA Virgin so excuse my ignorance - How can you even apply for this leave when it will have to be OK'd by your new boss at a unit you're not at yet??? 8O
  15. I know, it's barking, but that's what the Regs say, the purpose of relocation leave is to relocate, why would you need it after you have relocated.