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Discussion in 'REME' started by cabdog, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. i'm hiving a bit of discussion in work about relocation leave.
    i believe when your posted to Bordon from a unit in uk your entitled to take 10 days relocation leave. ive looked on the blokes assignment order - it says he can (section 3) / jsp 760 says you can from one establishment to another (as long as it is not tri-service establishment then your only entitled to one day) - has Bordon gone tri service? and are blokes attending class one courses ( this fella's course is 7 month) only entitled to one day?
  2. Should be 10 days and taken at the receiving unit.
  3. As above^^^^

    (Seen as JPA is JOINT!!!)
  4. Cabdog,

    My understanding was that leaving an unit in the UK on a Fri, you start work in the UK unit the following Tue - only one day (weekend is a gizit)! Barking!
  5. Things changed about 12 months ago and now it is 10 days as stated. If you are posted to Bordon the day before you start a course then I guess you wont have a chance to take the leave!!

  6. You might not have the opportunity to take the relocation leave, however you should still ensure the clerks add the 'relocation leave' entitement to your ILA. This way, you can use relocation leave in lieu of annual leave on occassions such as summer recess and save your elocation leave for a later date.
  7. I have asked many a 'HR' person as to why you only get relocation leave when posted (assigned nowadays) to an army unit and not a tri-service unit. Nobody can seem to answer the question. Strikes me that a posting is a posting and you invariably move house. Can anybody answer why you do not get 10 days relocation leave when moving to a tri-service unit?
  8. Careful, tricky subject this, I think you'll find that the assignment order will say "temporary posting" somewhere. Basically you will be able to take your 10 days at the end of this "temp assignment" ie when posted to a completely new unit from your Class one, but definately not at the beginning, clearly you could not go on 10 days left from the monday if your course starts on the Tuesday.
  9. Don't know what the Navy do but the RAF have never had relocation leave. The Army defaulted to 10 days for all as it seemed pretty unfair for somebody to move from Inverness to Plymouth and only get an extra day when somebody moved from Rheindahlen to Canterbury and got 10. The Tri-Service rule is that it's up to the COs discretion. I know people that have gone to tri-service units since the rules changed and nobody's quibbled about 'granting' the standard 10 day reloaction leave. Don't sweat it.

  10. Maybe someone could write a letter to Soldier Magazine and await the interesting and informative reply 8O
  11. So what about if you wee posted from KRH LAD to 2 RTR LAD? would you still get the 10 days as they are next door to each other in Tidders. Hell the LAD is a shared facility so you would only need to trolley jack your locker from one end of the wksp to the other if you were a pad. singlies might take a bit longer to move accn.
  12. This is also true, as I had a mate who went from 6Bat to the KRH who got his 10 days and disturbance allowance. £85 for moving less than a mile can't be bad!
  13. We have come accross this problem before in our unit, individuals are entitled to 10 working days relocation leave, as long as they are moving accomodation. Obviously this works well for the singlies out there, but the pads moving to a new unit within the same garrison dip out. When posted on long course to SEME, there is no oppurtunity to take the relocation leave. Our unit policy is that we grant the individual 2 weeks leave prior to his/her course starting. This ensures that individuals don't miss out on the oppurtunity of 2 weeks buckshee leave, thus, improving quality of life, good for retention and all that other arrse. Hope this was of some assistance.