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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by whitemouse75, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. can someone clarify how much time you are entitled to take off when moving in theatre? (uk-uk)
  2. 10 days fella.Re: 10 days leave on UK-UK Posting
    Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 1:54 pm

    AbleAndy replied to this post with the correct answer. Anyone issued a posting order dated 21 Jun 06 or later will receive 10 days reloc leave if going from an Army to Army Posting, or from a Joint or RAF or Navy posting to an Army Posting. You will only receive 1 day if you are going from an Army post to a Joint (or RAF/Navy) Post as this new rule is Army only.

    It's got nothing to do with JPA - so the fact that the roll out is delayed (yet again) wont change this.

    Anyone whose posting order is dated before 21 Jun 06 (even if you dont move until after then) will not qualify for the new ruling, and there really wont be any point in trying to get it!!

    This new ruling was issue yesterday by PS4An and shoudl be winging its way to units via the Bde SPS Chain at rapid speed
  3. is that concrete? i heard today that the rules had changed to give everyone 10 days, but here in phase 2 we are being told it doesnt apply.
  4. you are phase two sorry mate dos not count.
  5. I got relocation leave when I was a phase two. Although that was from the UK to BFG.

    Anyway, you've only just got in, why do you want leave so soon!
  6. cos its $hite
  7. i've been in a fair few years mate. why doesnt it apply to phase 2?
  8. Well according to a little bird us retrades are technically not in phase 2 hence the different UIN!

    SO maybe we are entitled to more leave!

    I did try bring this up today! But once again no one listened!

    HOHUM! :x
  9. what trade an what corps are you and how long have you been in.
  10. As a retrade check to find out where you are actually posted, I found out that as far as MCM Div were concerned I was still on the books in my previous unit, but not paid LSSA!!! :( , so you may find you are entitled to the full disembarkation leave.

  11. qaranc and 10 years. i dont see what differance it makes, you are either moving or not moving, so why should being in phase 2 make the slightest bit of diff?
  12. 'cos you can't sign off, so they can fcuk you about...
  13. yeah but the rules for leave must be standard across the board?
  14. And we have a different UIN to the RED ARRSE's! Whitemouse!

    As I said, retrades are considered to be on a long course as opposed 2 being in Phase 2 again!!

    Anyone outhere disagree? :?
  15. so you reckon we'll get 10 days and the nigs will get 1?