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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Don Carlo, Jun 11, 2013.

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  1. Need some help/advice please people.

    If you get an assignment order for a 6 month assignment in say the Falklands or Kenya etc. Are you entitled to Relocation Leave.

    If there are any gurus on leave entitlements out there do you know where I would get this in writing? (if the answer is yes, otherwise I care not a jot!)

    Thanks in advance guys,

  2. Have a look on the AO. On the back it will have a link to the MS web page and paragraph numbers you should enter, these will give you guidance.
    From experience though, FI is usually classed as an Op tour, so you get R+R and POTL; Kenya is a temp assignment, so you get reloc leave before and after (you use ILA for leave during it, not R+R, and pay for any flights you want).

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  3. Cheers mate,

    My unit are trying to pull a fast one me thinks.

    They are telling me im not entitled to relocation leave BECAUSE it is a temporary assignment.

    I will check those links out tomorrow

    Thanks again
  4. It is generally dependant on whether it is a posting or Tour


    On assignments between theatres, or from one overseas location to another overseas location, for a normal tour of duty, 10 working days Relocation Leave will be granted.

    Rule of thumb would be (but not always) are you receiving LSA, if so you are on Ops/exercise/detachment.

    As always I am happy to be corrected ^~
  5. CAARPS, as a rule of thumb you are bang on, however Kenya is an exception as its a 6 month assignment, with LSA.

    I must stress the 'no R+R and POTL'. No reloc leave will mean you are away for 6 months without any extra leave entitlement, very poo if this happens.

    Like I said earlier, read the special instructions on the back of the AO, this will give your HR staff authority to amend your leave card entitlements.

    I understand your frustrations as I've been in a similar position, having a default position of 'No your not entitled' without even looking into it can become tiresome.

    Good luck

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  6. I agree, the special instructions are the way ahead. I also have a feeling (sat at home, no Regs) that Kenya, Canada and the FI are classed the same and due to the 'time off' available they are not deemed suitable for R&R and POTL.

    Again I could be completely wrong :)

    Edit to add we had a lad return from the FI this week so I could always ask him is suppose :)
  7. The FI is an Op tour and as such you are entitled to 1 day POL for every 9 served in theatre. You are also entitled to 6-7 days R&R and can be flown home at public expense. This is from personal experience and a significant battle with a CoC who wouldnt agree initially.

    Kenya is not an Op tour, but in most cases people are given an assignment order. In my case, my unit agreed that I was entitled to 10 working days relocation leave either end of the 6 month assignment as per the JSP. You are also entitled (during a 6 month assignment to BATUK) to take 10 working days leave. However, this will (should) be taken from your ILA and the cost of flying home to the UK/Germany etc will be met by the individual. (in the region 0f £700-1000 UK return depending on airline and time of year).

    I cannot comment on Canada as I have no experience of it.
  8. Frau Dale agrees with something for once in her life.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    R&R from the Falklands? FFS
  10. I treated FI as an R&R tour from the (now ex) wife if I'm honest.

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  11. My liver was in need of R&R.