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Relocation Leave

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by nearly_done, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. Sorry if the subject has been previously discussed, but has it now changed to the loosing unit taking the hit?

    If so can some one let me know where it is in black and white as my lot are saying no.

  2. JSP 760 still states:

    The leave is normally to be set against the receiving unit's establishment, but this may be varied if both units agree, and should be allowed for when specifying reporting dates on individual assignment orders. It may be taken either before or after the individual’s latest time of arrival (LTA) at his new unit, but must be agreed by both units beforehand.

    8.003 Trained strength personnel after joining their first unit are to be granted between one and 10 working days Relocation Leave as decided by Commanding Officers, who are to take into account single Service guidance, unit manpower liability and the needs of the individual. This applies to all moves resulting from an assignment order necessitating a change of SFA, SLA, substitute equivalents or private accommodation. Intra-theatre moves attract the following leave:

    a. One day in the case of moves which do not require a move of domestic accommodation.
    b. Five days for all other moves within the UK (or within a theatre outside the UK).
    c. Additional leave of up to five further days may be granted where the individual’s circumstances require it.
    d. Relocation Leave is to be set against the departing unit’s establishment, though this may be varied if both units agree, and should be allowed for when specifying reporting dates on individual assignment orders.
  4. I should add JSP hasn't been updated and apparently its not clear when it will be?! But that is now policy
  5. Your suspicions are correct. This has just changed and the losing unit now takes the hit. I saw a green ink letter on this last week. the other changes are:

    1 day for assignments which do not attract a family move.
    5 days for in theatre moves (this can be extended by the losing CO to a max of 10 days)
    10 days for inter theatre moves
  6. Bout time this was sorted - I've seen people taking relocation leave a couple of months after arriving!! - it should all be built in to the assignment that way everyone knows where they stand!

  7. If a single soldier moves between regiments within the same garrison (changing accommodation) then would this attract 1 or 5 days relocation leave from the losing unit?
  8. 1 day.