Relocation Leave - New Rules

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by LongJohnSilver, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. Hello all, what do you all think on the new rules regarding Relocation Leave, in that, when posted (sorry assigned under JPA) to an army unit you must take Relocation Leave whilst on the establishment of the receiving unit, in essence, after the LTA, this does not apply to postings to Tri Service Units as the RN and RAF have not signed up to this barking policy, the whole point in Relocation Leave is, in my view, to Relocate, what is the point in taking this leave when you have already Relocated. There is a clause in the policy that states that if there is a mutual agreement between Losing and Receiving Units this policy can be flexable, however, if it came to a p*ssing match the new policy would be enforced. Good or not so good, comments please. :x
  2. All the points you make have been dogging my brain for months, I honestly don't see why a system needed 'fixing' when it clearly wasn't broken. A mate of mine arrived at his new unit up country recently and has deployed straight to Afghanistan, no time for relocation leave, they've said he can have it in conjunction with POTL when he returns. F*cking really, like that'll happen.
  3. In practise it is the losing unit who loses out with this. All of the soldiers who have left my Sqn since it came in have had there leave before their LTA ie whislt on my strength. An LTA is just that - fail to turn up for it and the recieving unit starts to get very twitchy and starts talking about AWOL. Until Glasgow sort their act out and re-word the posting orders so it is clear that an indivudal is SOS from one unit, TOS the next, but on leave, then arrives for his LTA then we will always be in this situation. And, oh by the way, that wont work because you cannot be TOS your new unit unless you have actually turned up!

    The next big issue is going to be when it comes to turning around offrs and SNCOs where a formal handover is reqd. Not yet had to experience that yet, but next summer's Majors churn is going to be an absolute nightmare, unless Glasgow are very clear with their guidance.
  4. The only resolve is to clearly define RTM and LTA dates. The losing unit should act upon the RTM date, ie the date you actually begin to travel to your new unit, turning up on the LTA date 10 working days later! A problem will arise when the losing unit decides, as it obviously is happening, that the LTA date is the important factor. It is for the unit, not for the individual.

    And to add insult to injury:-

    Who has the right to specify reporting dates? On roll out of JPA, when all personnel are able to "self certify" claims, will there be an option to self specify your own reporting date?

    Yet again another change open to interpretation at the incorrect level. The only individuals that will suffer is the hard graftin squaddie.
  5. Defo WW, either that or keep the system that has worked quite well up until now, I take the points made by HG, however, it seems to me that it would be the receiving unit that lose as they have to stand the 2 week gap whist the soldier takes his Relocation Leave, the losing unit can keep the guy right up until the end if they wanted to, as HG & WW state, a clearer and definative date structure annotated on Posting Orders i.e. RTM, LTA & TOS dates would facilitate less room for interpretation and more importantly, give a clear and definate guide to soldiers and units alike.
  6. No units are neccessarily better or worse off, it's only ten days to let some poor f*cker get his life in order when he moves. It's not as though they're losing him for two or three months is it? The example I quoted earlier was but one of many, there are more. I see many seniors given the odd extra few days here and there, while the boys at the lower end of the pay scale (Including pads with kids) are still getting just one long weekend to get to the other side of Germany. The more these systems are manipulated and changed by the army, the more they are left open to abuse by those in positions to do so.
  7. well you should look to your chain of command then. in my unit we give the juniors slack time and buckshee days off to relocate etc if they need it. if work stacks up because of essential outside admin tasks e.g. moving, house maintenance etc, we work late or weekends to catch up.

    i would certainly not want to work for some bunch who bend the rules only for those with rank, and sh*t on the lads. perhaps this just comes down to grown-up management - look after the guys and keep them happy, and they tend to work harder for you.
  8. This is a subject much talked about in units, and has been discussed at every level. If a junior rank feels he is being discriminated against then he should speak to his superiors, much the same for a senior rank. The chain of command still works. (Most of the time 8O )

    Unfortunately the Army is being dictated to. All of the rules, including current ones are open to interpretation. It's not as simple as manipulation, management groups in units have to decide on priorities for that specific unit. If it is decided that it is more beneficial to the UNIT that an individual takes his re-location leave at his new unit, so be it. The breakdown will be in communication between the two units, and yes, the individual will suffer if this does not occur. What's new?

    Hopefully this latest controversial abomination of a regulation will be reviewed by PS4, to allow a little "QUALITY OF LIFE" back into the military life.
  9. Thanks to all, this is obviously an emotive subject that needs closer scrutiny at all levels, it is quite clear that this change of policy has not been thought through at all, and, ultimately, it's the soldier on the ground that suffers....YET AGAIN.
  10. Most of these new rules have puzzled me. I am posted from a London unit to another UK unit, I have been told that I am to get 10 working days leave from my receiving unit but as my LTA is on a tuesday am I still to get 1 day from my losing unit?
  11. Looking at the Policy Letter the answer is no, however, there must be a certain amount of flexibility. :x :x