Relocation leave entitlement?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Ricker, Aug 25, 2013.

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  1. I am currently in the process of a Mid tour move of SFA due to the current SFA lease contract running out requiring me to move.

    I have recieved my Relocation allowance of 1k, however i am having a bit of drama with the leave.

    My Unit seem to think i am only entitled to one days leave as it is a local move (BFG to BFG), and i would have to take annual leave if i required more days to complete the move.

    However i have checked JSP760 Ch8 and it seems to me to say 10 days. Although the wording does seem slightly open to interpretation,

    would someone be able to clarify this please?

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  2. I read it as 'normal moves' get 5 days and 'local moves' get one day

    Normal moves are those resulting from an assignment order normally necessitating a change of SFA, SLA, substitute equivalents, Residence at Work Address or Selected Place of Residence (as defined in JSP 752 Tri-Service Regulations for Allowances).

    Local moves are those normally within the same establishment between SLA, or between units when no change of accommodation is required. Further advice, if required, should be sought from single Services.

    So if you're moving from one end of camp/town to another, its a local move - if you've moving from one town to another miles away (or whatever), its a normal move, and 5 days
  3. I'm not sure how you are interpreting JSP 760 as the extract below quite clearly states what you are entitled to.

    From your post, you are not moving Unit, only moving quarter = 1 DAY entitlement, why do you think you would get the same entitlement as someone moving to a different country?

    Inter-theatre moves i.e. UK to Germany or Germany to UK - 10 days.

    Intra-theatre moves i.e. UK to UK or Germany to Germany 5 days (up to 10 days at CO's discretion).

    Local moves i.e. Gutersloh to Gutersloh, or no Unit move just a quarter move - 1 DAY.

    JSP 760 Chapter 8

    8.003 On assignments between theatres, or from one overseas location to another overseas location, for a normal tour of duty, 10 working days Relocation Leave will be granted.


    8.004 Trained strength personnel after joining their first unit, and those personnel completing Phase 2 and 3 training courses with a duration of six months or more, are to be granted 5 working days’ Relocation Leave for normal moves. This may be extended to up to 10 days by Commanding Officers, who are to take into account single Service guidance19, unit manpower liability and the needs of the individual. One day’s Relocation Leave is to be granted for local moves.
  4. But the COC can grant extra days regardless.

    Were you aware the lease would run out during your tenure? Approach your COC, moving house is a ballache regardless of how far it is between houses.
  5. What about Larkhill to Tidworth for example? Different garrison, different accom, but does the fact it's only 20 mins away make a difference?
  6. Isn't there a 50 mile rule? Used to be, but a lot has changed since I was in, for example, I don't think you wear BD anymore.:)
  7. And I don't think you have bothered to read JSP 760 as it clearly states what he is entitled to and it is 5 days. He is changing SFA therefor it is a 'normal' move which qualifies for 5 days.

  8. Well my move is now complete.
    I spoke to the HCSO and he confirmed it is classed as a Normal Move and therefore 5 days should have been granted.
    My Unit granted me 1 day for the March-In and classed the 2 days the removals took as Duty days. So 3 in total.

    Thanks for the replies!