Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Swamped, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. I've just tipped up at a new regiment and will shortly be moving from the singlies block to a pad for the first time.
    Been told by numerous lads that I should avoid banging in my disturbance claim from SLA to SLA as it will mean I will not be able to claim for my relocation allowance of £980 odd going from SLA to SFA.
    When I mentioned this to the clerk he said that being my first pad, I'm not entitled that relocation allowance, although lads I've spoken with have said that it's bollocks and they themselves recieved the claim going from the block to the pad themselves.
    Any AGC types that can give us a heads up on where I stand with this? Am I entitled to the SFA move claim and go above the clerk on this matter or is he right and should just bang in my £80 odd claim for disturbance?
  2. That £80 singles claim doesn't exist anymore...cuts, cuts and more cuts!
  3. You have never been able to get the full disturbance allowance for moving from the block to a pad. You don't get it for a first or last move. IIRC the big amount is to cover stuff like changing furniture if your old stuff doesn't fit in the new place, cancelling and setting up new sky or similar, changing curtains and other house moving essentials. If I'm wrong please correct me Combat Human Resources Specialist Clerks

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  4. Cheers lads, seems like **** all then! Oh well, just trying to see what I could get my hands on!
    That sounds pretty similar to what the clerk said mate so seems he had everything right on, god knows what claim it is that the other lads are saying they got their mitts on then.
  5. I've heard things have changed and you can claim for first and last moves.

    So you're getting totally different information from totally unqualified people.

    You need to read the JSP or speak to a helpful clerk. I always used to find reading the regs first then finding a helpful clerk worked best.
  6. My understanding of JSP 752 Ch7 is that your oppos are correct. The following is from the latest version, dated 1 Dec 2011.

    Shortcut to latest version of 752 on dii
  7. Lovely, thanks for that.
    Not that I take any pleasure in telling people they can't do their job properly or anything.
  8. However before you go chopsing off I would read the whole section on DA carefully. I haven't got access to the most up to date version but the one I can see ( includes the killer line "other than as a result of first setting up of home upon marriage or civil partnership, where there is no entitlement" although this is referring to mid-assigment moves. Try looking at this paragraph:

    Temporary Accommodation. Service personnel who move into SLA on a temporary basis while arranging permanent accommodation may defer the payment of DA until they move into their selected permanent accommodation and therefore claim the appropriate SFA or Private Accommodation rate (see paragraph 07.0108 ). DA may not be claimed for both moves. Should a move to permanent accommodation not take place within the 3 month period, where eligible, the SLA rate of DA may then be claimed for the original move to SLA and any subsequent move at that assignment will be deemed to be a mid-assignment move and eligibility to DA will be limited to that detailed in paragraph 07.0111.
  9. Sorry for jumping in ... can anyone tell me if i'd be eligible for married quarters at Catterick on a years coarse with 3 R Anglians ??
  10. 12 mth course? WTF are you training for? Anyway doubt you can get a quarter for that period of time, they are quite short of housing.

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