Have looked at the search and couldn't find a specific page of loads for various purposes - if I'm being a search biff then sorry in advance.

I've recently become a bit dissatisfied with the Hornady SST 129-grain load for deer - was doing too much meat damage even in reds. Not great yawning exit wounds like a Nosler Ballistic Tip (saw a roe once that had been shot with a 150-gr. Ballistic Tip from a .308 - tore it almost in two), but the squelchy bubbling of tissue that has game dealers sucking their teeth and knocking a fair bit off the price.

This is a load that in a Steyr Pro Hunter is grouping half-inch at 100 yards, and has accounted for three roe so far, clean drops with significantly less damage than the SST in the two that were chest-shot.

Cal: 6.5x55 Swe
Projectile: Sierra Pro-Hunter .264, 120-gr. Spitzer (1720)
Powder: Viht 160, 49 gr.

Table below, zero @200 yds, wind 10mph.


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I like 39.5 grains of IMR4895 under a Nosler partition in 140 grain 6.5 swede. does the biz!

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