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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proper_Gander, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. It's all kicking off in Burma.

    I'd hate to be caught up in the middle of that.

    BBC News - Burma riots: Footage shows anti-Muslim violence

    So now we've just seen a Buddhist monk take part in the murder of a teenager he didn't know, for being part of a different religion, can we stop singling out certain religions as being worse than others, and just understand that all people are equally shit, no matter which creed, when it comes to beliefs?
  2. They are all deeply shit, but at the minute for shitness, the score is Buddhism 1, Islam 65489.
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  3. The score is irrelevant, especially made up ones.
  4. IIRC, The Burmese have been busily killing muslims on and off since the 10th Century.
  5. Can we not export a few to Afghan then?
  6. Your lack of humour is irrelevant.
  7. Besides, if peace and love broke out everywhere we'd all be out of a job.
  8. What religion are the Gurkhas?
  9. Madlittlefuckeranity
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  10. I've got religion and I'm not at all sensible...
  11. I had religion once, made me itch
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  12. Regards Gorkhas - mostly Hindu, a few buddhists thrown in with the odd christian, but they predominantly worship in Mecca..........Bingo Halls!
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  13. No, that was the clap making you scratch all day saying 'Oh God, make it stop'.

    Religion is where you persecute non-believers.

    Hope that clears it up. (And the clap too.)
  14. I****ed a nun once.

    Oh, sorry, I remember now, it was a penguin.

  15. I****ed a penguin once

    Oh, sorry, it was in fact a Nun and it made me itch.