Religious leaders meet and forge relationships in Helmand

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Jun 30, 2011.

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  2. Its these same clerics who destroyed the wont be long before they start bickering and killing eachother. Nato should concentrate more on enpowering the educated classes instead of giving these twats the upper hand in affairs.
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  3. Agreed. If Afghanistan is to improve, keeping to the old ways is not a good idea.
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  4. I believe that children are the future..........teach them well, and let them lead the way.
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  5. That would be hard in Afghanistan, since the only education offered to them is to join a Madrassah which will probably turn 6/10 of them into suicide bombers or very retarded clerics.

    I think Nato should concentrate more efforts in investing more into education in the rural areas thats where its needed.
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  6. Again, I agree with you. However NATO/UN have tried to do this, to have those schools/children attacked by religious extremists.

    For some mad reason troops that are capable of providing certain humanitarian aid to Afghanis are forbidden to do so in deference to civilian aid agencies who are unwilling to do so. I do not understand this madness.
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  7. The Extremists know very well that with education the masses will have a voice against their policies so they attack schools...same happened in Swat, where they banned female education and killed teachers right infront of the Pak army eyes.

    The Taliban know very well that if they keep the masses ignorant of truth and progression...and with backwardness....they will easily control the masses.

    I hate the Taliban, Ive had experience with them, I know how they role and operate, but you know the most funny thing...most of their support bases,funding rising etc operate outside of Afghanistan...and you can see them in the West and Arab states.
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  8. That does not surprise me. Any moderately inteligent/educated person that has lived under Taliban rule is unlikely to support them.
  9. You see, I know this may sound harsh in a way...but from my knowledge and experience...Afghans do tend to follow a Cossack-style culture especially in regards to faith....and I wonder would a Stalin like model that demolished the Cossacks, could be effective in Afghanistan?

    If one observes the principles of the Cossacks and especially their duty to defend Orthodox Christianity....their practices from fighting, disrespect to women etc resembles alot of Afghan lifestyles.

  10. The only reason western culture changed away from something resembling Afghanistan's is because we went more secular. When the church had real power over here, women where not considered equal to men. Women's rights took a long time to change, it happened in my lifetime.

    As you have already pointed out, education is the key. With 50% of a country deliberately held back and economically unproductive, theocracies waste resources.