Religious intolerance

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by oldbloke, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. My daughter went for a job interview yesterday. Small family run firm and it was explained to her that they were religious and didn't allow swearing or blaspheming of any description. Fair enough but then they went on to tell her that she would only be allowed to wear skirts that came below the knee at all times. She asked if smart trousers would be okay and was told no.

    My daughter isn't some slapper who wears mini skirts around her arrse but very rarely wears skirts at all preferring instead to wear trousers as she has done in her current job for the past five years. Why women in trousers offends this particular religion is beyond my comprehension.

    These people were some kind of Christians although don't ask which branch they belonged to. I personally think it is out of order to dictate what a person can or cannot wear providing it doesn't offend. Okay they might find trousers offensive but in my opinion they are being totally unreasonable. If it was an ethnic minority person being told this, surely there would be a public outcry?

    What are peoples thoughts on this? She is going to tell them to feck off if they offer her the job though!

    God save us from religious nuts of any description.
  2. Accept the job, then listen to satanic death metal tunes and play with her Ouija board at lunch breaks - if challenged or dismissed do them for religious discrimination!

  3. I think we're forgetting that these people, irrespective of thir beliefs, are the ones who will be paying whoever they end up employing. As such they should have some rights in setting out the rules and conditions that their employees work under. And they've been upfront about these at the interview stage If you don't like that, no probs, it's a free country - nobody's forcing you to take the job.

    Hang on - just seen the flaw in my argument. Employers don't have rights.
  4. Employers don't have rights my arrse. We have the worst employment laws in Europe. My wife was bullied out of her job simply because she worked too hard and it was resented by some. Instead of sorting out the bullies, the employers took the easier option of applying pressure on her and forced her to quit. The same thing is now happening with my daughter hence the interview. If you have ever tried to get justice over a thing like this you would not argue about employers rights. Employers have the right to lie, disregard evidence, to hide documents, to fail to monitor trouble when it starts, and cause stress and depression on those that least deserve it.

    My main argument is that irrespective of your beliefs, you have no right to force them on anyone.




    * Reads rest of thread*

    Ah. :oops:

    Just thought I would save time for certain posters on this site. :D

    In relation to the thread. Well - They're the employers and have the right to insist on a certain standard of behaviour and dress in the workplace.

    Suck it up or rod it off. 8)
  6. The employer does reserve the right to expect a certain standard of dress; Where I work now, I have to dress smart, I would probably be sacked if I did not.

    This is a similar thing, except that instead of requiring a standard of dress sepcifically for the job, it is something that the employers (remember, now, the people with the moola) wish to have on the premises.

    So I think they have the right to expect certain dress.
  7. It's this nonsense they're following:

  8. I was going to reply to someone else but thought feck it.

    CC has the solution. A quick buck, why not. Also whilst sueing make sure you bring up the depression, stress and lifetime fear of going out in public that was caused by the religious discrimination - she has a 99% chance of winning with that argument.

    On a serious note, Employers do have the right to choose what rules they want, but they shouldnt discrimiate against anyone (except murderers, rapists etc).
  9. So the fecker who tried to bomb London then did a runner in a Hijab isn't going to get much sympathy when he eventually manages to go skywards.
  10. I don't think they are expecting this young girl to adopt their beliefs to get a job rather that whilst on their property and taking their money she maintains certain standards of dress and refrains from using what they consider to be inapropriate language, a bit like the mob really.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yep, have to agree - they can apply a dress code, whether it be religious or not.

    Some people have to wear steelies, others hard hats, others gloves, skirts, trousers, postal uniforms or even (don't quote me on this) DPM!!

    Asking her to wear a skirt below the knees (albeit for religious reasons) is not religious discrimination per se. I'd personally have more of an issue if my employer tried to stop me from smoking, swearing and punching customers that annoyed me . . .
  12. they were at least up front with it why the **** would you want to work for a bunch of god bothering shit heads anyway
  13. There are two things I cannot stand;

    Religious intolerance and Catholics...


    P.S All you left-footers should note that I am Catholic and was joking...

  14. I am keeping a open mind here , Up until about ten years ago you never saw Lady's in the work place (offices etc) or in school wear trousers have you ever thought it is being respectable and modest wearing skirts below the knee only time i saw Lady's wear trousers was in the armed forces which was part of there uniform

    Yes i do wear trousers, jeans and short skirts in my own leisure time but i personally think in a workplace other than when you are expected to wear trousers
    It does look respectable for a lady to wear a skirt below the knee and look smart ,modest and respectable.
  15. Employers have the right to insist on a dress code at work. If they were upfront about it and your daughter does not want to comply, she has the right not to accept the job! Simple. Why should a potential employee (or their father) think they have the right to impose their wishes on a potential employer :?