Religious inclusion in the Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by putteesinmyhands, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. MATTS6 emphasises the Army's policy that there should be no discrimination on the grounds of religion etc. Certainly for many years, if the range of (theoretically available) special-to-religion ration packs are to be believed, the Army has broken down as many barriers as possible to ensure the inclusion of many different religious groups within its ranks.

    I've met many sikhs, hindus, muslims, jews and others wearing the uniform over the years, but I've never met a military Jehovah's Witness. Are there any?

    Surely, in this age of enforcing proportional representation of minorities in the workplace, more should be done to encourage Jehovah's Witnesses to enter the Army as a place of employment. After all, under-representation is generally viewed as evidence of discrimination.

    Obviously, their religious convictions may prevent them from taking up certain career paths, but they should at least be given the option of becoming a bayonet drill instructor or practicing the fine art of battlefield blood transfusions.

    I can visualise several military careers that ought not conflict with their religious views. Careers such as Pastry Chef, Vehicle Mechanic or Padre (well, maybe not) should be safe choices.

    I think they'd be particularly suited to Civil Affairs - taking the heat out of confrontations with the indiginous population and persevering with the negotiations until the desired outcome is achieved. In fact, I can think of no group that would be more successful in this field.

    So, don't just sit there thinking "Yes, Puttees is right, someone really ought to extend the olive branch and invite them into the fold," take the initiative and call into your local Kingdom Hall with a bunch of recruiting leaflets. And don't leave until you've signed at least a couple of them up.

    It is hoped that this post is taken in the light-hearted manner in which it was intended to be read. I have no axe to grind with Jehovah's Witnesses and hope that nobody incorrectly perceives that this post is intended to disparage them. They have stout religious convictions and I admire their tenacity. I count many Jehovah's Witnesses among my friends. In fact, even as I write, there are two passing among my friends - hopefully they'll bugger off so I can turn the light on. It's difficult typing in the dark.
  2. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I think taking the Oath of Allegiance would actually violate their religious beliefs. Seriously.

    Personally I'm against any form of religion in the Army.
  3. They'd have been great in NI.

    They know all about Watch Towers.
  4. Jehovah's witnesses dont participate in the conventional form of Military service

    thats why you dont see them

    of course - there may be one or two just ignore the teaching and go with

    their conscience
  5. I knew I should have put this in The Training Wing.
  6. They find FIBUA is hard work as well - every front door, they go up to it, knock, and ask whoever comes out if they have found God
  7. Considering that JW's are vehemently against receiving blood transfusions I seriously doubt they'd be enthusiastic about administering them!! :D

    edit due to fat fingers
  8. It's true, they won't even eat black pudding.

    BTW you are all taking this far too seriously!

  9. I couldn't make my mind up whether Monday night is serious night or WAH Puttees night.
  10. I used to work with a doctor who said we should be very grateful to JW for the research into severe anaemia that would never have been allowed on any other patient group!
  11. VEHICLE MECHANICS? Looks like you need a bit if real army service yourself.
  12. JW believers were interned in concentation camps by the Nazis for their refusal to serve in the military.

    It takes some balls to stay in Auschwitz when all you have to do to leave is sign a form.
  13. What about using them in the MPGS?

    Asking everyone who tried to come in, about their views on Jesus, would surely keep people away. It's bound to be more effective than just asking to see your MOD 90.
  14. What about satanists? The senior service already has a registered satanist and he is welcomed by the First Sea Lord.

    Will the head of the army (First Land Lord?) be following suit and adding a dead goat fetus to the rows of medals hanging from his ceremonial uniform?
  15. There are mormans in, but never seen a JW.