Religious Devotion High in U.S. (AP Poll)

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by TankiesYank, Jun 6, 2005.

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  1. God Bless You and President Bush.
  2. Señor Coyotl :) :

    I think you mean.... God forgive us both, because no one else will!
  3. Si, muchos gratis tanque yanqui Dios maldición...


  4. I'm a conservative, however, I am also an atheist. So, put that one together???
  5. Hmm, according to the Chairman of the DNC, you don't exist

  6. Don't you worship the "Almighty buck'?

  7. Hmm. You would be the first one I'd ever met...but OK, makes sense. Fiscal/political conservative absent of religous impetus.

    It's conservatives who think they're acting on direct orders from God that scare me. Actually, check that. Anyone who says they've got the hotline to Heaven freaks me out. 8O

    I'm just curious, do other American conservatives that you meet find that difficult to reconcile? (None of my business, but as you are a "first" for me, thought I'd throw the question out there...)
  8. Oh my. Maybe the DNC chair really does correctly portray liberal Democrats
  9. LOL@RC!

    Well I'm conservative and Catholic. Must make up for something! :wink:
  10. Or as the Jam said in the song "Little boy soldiers" - I think many of these lyrics hold true for the subject of this thread. :)

    Its funny how you never knew what my name was,
    Our only contact was a form for the election.
    These days I find that you don't listen,
    These days I find that we're out of touch,
    These days I find that I'm too busy,
    So why the attention now you want my assistance -
    What have you done for me.

    You've gone and got yourself in trouble,
    Now you want me to help you out.

    These days I find that I can't be bothered,
    These days I find that its all too much,
    To pick up a gun and shoot a stranger,
    But I've got no choice so here I come - war games.

    I'm up on the hills, playing little boy soldiers,
    Reconnaissance duty up at 5:30.
    Shoot shoot shoot and kill the natives,
    You're one of us and we love you for that.

    Think of honour, Queen and country,
    You're a blessed son of the British Empire,
    God's on our side and so is Washington.

    Come out on the hills with the little boy soldiers.

    Come on outside - I'll sing you a lullaby,
    Or tell a tale of how goodness prevailed.

    We ruled the world - we killed and robbed,
    The f**king lot - but we don't feel bad.

    It was done beneath the flag of democracy,
    You'll believe and I do - yes I do - yes I do -
    yes I do -

    These days I find that I can't be bothered,
    To argue with them, well, what's the point,
    Better to take your shots and drop down dead,
    then they send you home in a pine overcoat

    With a letter to your mum

    Saying find enclosed one son - one medal and a note -
    to say he won.