Religious demands for better care from NHS

Professor Shiekh has called for a better service for Muslims from the NHS, saying that circumcision should be available for them and more information about the drugs and what is contained within them for religious purposes.

I do not have a problem with extra information on drugs to show where products within it came from as many people can object to products from certain animals or whether it has been tested on animals and it is their right to refuse treatment. I do object to money spent on operations without proper medical reason and the UK tax payer picking up the bill.

Healthcare in this country needs to be improved and evened out but segregation is not the way forward.

Once these religious types stump up the millions they earn from misguided morons who believe in God, then they can have a say, until then they can shut the **** UP.
Why should a single religious group have any advantage in the supply of health care from the NHS?

.. or have I missed similar requests from:

and Scientilogists ?

(sorry if I missed your religion here - I could not be bothered to list the other 4,300 different faith groups)

I thought medical care was based on medical need, or am I being a bluff old traditionalist here?
you left out jedi and pastafarians
we demand light sabers and pirate costumes and we want them now :headbang:
You're there Chimp. Perhaps if the Muslim 'community' feels like stumping up a generous donation then they can be considered for special treatment. Like the kind of donation which would stop an NHS ward looking like Block 13, Auschwitz-Birkenau. It would also be nice to have a Primary care/minor injuries unit which could see you in less time than it would take to fly to Germany, recieve the same treatment, and fly back. In fact, there are a number of things I could demand as a 'community' representative (self appointed) - same sex wards, a little less MRSA, service.
But simply because I'm white and middle class, there's not a chance of me getting them ( even on behalf of the 98% of Britain's population who happen not to belive in Islam). But you wait- it was the Muslim hostpital gowns a while back, now the free circumcision (for non essential reasons) and god knows how much manpower frittered away looking up ingredients of obscure pills to see if they contain part of a piggy.

How long before certain Stone Age 'communities' want female circumcision out of the NHS's coffers, rather than go through the rigmorole of a dirty tenement in North London, a rusty blade and a crochet hook?
if the mussies want it so badly then can set up their own hospital, who do they think they are demanding we should bend backward for these arsewipes.
Viels, Mussie gowns, special treatment, Islamic courts ,
They can fuuuuck offffffff
I think we need to sort out the NHS per sae, before we can think about, minor individual religious rights, lets get the thing working first!

If you have certain things you object/abstain from, then it should be the patientÂ’s responsibility to inform the Dr/Nurse what they can/cannot have, not the responsibility of the NHS to play detective of the patientÂ’s needs.

As a non believer whatever will save my life pump it in.

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