Religious belief - really a Mental Illness?

Yes, they`re all mental for believing in the Great Sky Pixie

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Amusing paper especially "Approximately 75% of the American victims of this mental illness are Christians." What is he saying there's not many Muslims/Jews/Jedis etc that actually believe!!??

That and the bit where you go to the comments left and they are all adverts for viagra...................................
He doesn't like religion or religious people much, does he?

Rather a prejudiced starting point he takes and dives headlong into some fine lunacy of his own.

But tell me, what is a "Formal military pilot"?

Is that a member of the RAF who actually knows what an iron is for? :?
Can't be bothered to read it to be honest but I do know a lot of religious maniacs who have had nervous breakdowns. Not sure if it was before or after they got religion though.
AndyPipkin said:

I particularly like the bit abnout repetitive chanting - reminds me of when the Simpsons joined a cult.
Na na na na na na na na leader
Na na na na na na na na leader
leader, leader
etc etc ....

I think God has a pretty bad management style really. Just think about it - only a shiite middle manager would send out so many mixed messages and expect his lads to get on with it. What a useless fat, bearded, middle-class old tosser. (zap...lightning strike incoming)

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