Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by slimjim, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Any thoughts, tips of how to talk somebody out of it?

    My mothers recently converted to a Jehovah's Witness, I really feel it's taking over, she goes to meetings at least three times a week, it's getting as far a driving a wedge in between me and my mother, I dont have any religious beliefs, my mother use to be a Christian but only went to church at christmas if she remembered, she's gone from almost no faith to on the edge of obsession (In my opinion).

    It's sad if you ask me, even sadder that it's driving a wedge in between us...

    Any constructive thoughts? Anyone been in a similar situation

    Apologies if this is in the wrong forum
  2. If it's not too personal, has anything else been going on in her life which has led her to this? It may be easier to sort the other issue(s) first, then deal with the excessive superstition.

  3. Not that I'm aware of, a few years ago she started going to church again, for a brief period, then announced she was making the switch 8O
  4. There are lots of Anti JW websites and most local churches have pamphlets that will give you a lot of advice but...
    This is all new and raw to her. She will have been warned that those outside her church will do everything they can to dissuade her and will be keeping close contact with her. Be patient, if you can, just carry on loving her and dont let her see you are so anti or you will be blamed for the wedge. Invite her as much as possible to things away from her church but not in a way that shows any resentment. If you are still serving your Padre may be able to help. Good luck. I have dealt with JW in the past they usually go in pairs or more to "protect" new converts. When she is on her own, or if you can get her on her own talk rationally to her and let her know your fears and worries. Getting irate will not help, after all despite this she is still your Mum. That is the bit to hang onto and to let her know.
  5. If you can't beat them....join them. Then you can both pop round my house on a Sunday, when I'm trying to relax and shake off a hangover, and wonder why I tell you politely to "p1ss off" ;)
  6. just be there to support her, when she needs you. she will have to find out for herself i'm afraid.


    Apart from that,I'm afraid you have lost her to the kiddie-fiddlers
  8. you may wish to look at skepticality dot com or centerforinquiry dot net. they can be interesting forums and they have some interesting threads on related subjects.

  9. I had a mate who was captured by the JW when he was a bit down over some stuff going on in his life.

    He is over it now and back on the beer but it did take a while. The real problem as I discovered with him, was the issue of blood transfusions, He was a biker and had a pretty hefty prang, I was there and as the medics were dealing with him he kept telling me not to allow them to give him a transfusion, I think I said somthing like fcuk you mate you have got young kids and a wife( who were not JW). As it was he did not need a tranfusion but some time later over a beer he said that at the time he would have chucked his life away for what he now realised was nonsense.
  10. Have sex with her?

    Just a suggestion, don't scold me.
  11. Slimjim, the Jehovah's Witness brainwash those who are a prime target, those who are low self esteem, those who feel they have lost thier way, or those who THEY can lead easily.
    Much like the Morons!
    I have had all sorts knocking on my door, I invite them in and then take them apart, as they quote parts on the bible at me, I remind them what other passages tell us, the refute that and we then discuss!
    I am not a church goer, but I am a Christian and all these FRING splinter groups ONLY exsist because and as in the case of the Morons, the mother of SMITH was a Palm reader his father a gold digger and he, SMITH heard voices, is was probably the Moonshine!

    Look at Tom Cruise as this bloody sciontology gig!

    Still live and let live, we all stumble and at times need help. :)
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  13. That's 10 Hail Mary's and 10 Amen's you wicked wicked man!

    Had you said Made Love to, there would have been NO problem :wink:
  14. Slimjim check your pm's mate