'Religion of Peace' at it Again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JoeCivvie, Jul 5, 2012.

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  2. Good job no other religion has form for violence. And secular institutions are all blameless to.

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  3. It does not sound like the police put up that much of a fight protecting the blasphemer.

    The original story read as if he had been burned to death , which seemed a bit cruel. However I found another story which indicated the man had been beaten to death before his body was burned, a much better way to die.

    Mob kills man, burns corpse for desecrating Quran | DAWN.COM
  4. Not all things about Islam is bad.
    It does allow you to beat your wife if she doesn't listen to you.
  5. What's your solution then?
  6. Burn them for offending Islam by being violent?
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  7. All he said was "That bit of halibut was good enough for Jehova."
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  8. It even allows you to have sex with her when she is dead too.
  9. Where do I sign up?
  10. Yeah, but God is on OUR side!
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  11. I see. So in fact he said it for the, er, halibut. then?
  12. Stone him! He said Jeho...
  13. Well maybe outside of Alabama I can't remember the last times that a bunch of Christians took it upon themselves to kill someone over a religious disagreement.

    Reformation anyone?
  14. Norn Ireland anyone?
  15. Islam?

    Or would any religion be doing as well in a under-developed society?

    Let's give us a couple of years of austerity, a few shitty council estates and see how good we look.

    Woman 'killed son in botched exorcism' - Telegraph

    These are some of my "favourites", deaths during "exorcisms".

    I suppose some might say the Christians have been busy kiling Muslim?

    I think it was Lt.-Gen. William Boykin of the Pentagon who saw Satan's face above Somalia, and later gave an after dinner speech ending:

    So there's a leader in a developed post-modern nation.

    Best we not get too comfortable in the "religious war" debate.

    And anyway, has Blair backed away from the 'God told me to do it' bit about Iraq or has the infernalweb (with all its porn and filth) misquoted the Vicar of Albion?
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