Religion is our friend

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RTFQ, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. RTFQ


    Hooray for the Priests, Rabbis and Mullahs.

    I can't think of a single group of people that are more destructive and downright evil.

    Holy Vampiric Pederasts

    No one's stopping them doing this by the way, some dusty old book says it's alright.

    Edit: Despite the controversial link title, it's actually a link to a reputable religious website and is entirely safe for work. It's morally disgusting in my (no doubt lefty, secular, communist :roll:) opinion, but safe to view.

    editted again because I'm actually so angry that i've stopped thinking straight
  2. Great link, shame I had just tomato soup.

    Feel quite ill now, hopefully I can keep it down.
  3. Fcuking great sausages for tea and the missus just asked if I preferred the skinless ones.

    Still feel ill, soup still staying down though.
  4. Pork or Beef?
  5. Mister soft you are a cnut .i now feel sick yet i am hungry at the same time blast you :lol:
  6. She's Dutch
  7. I'll start to worry if they do actually receive immunity from the government for this, because then it only seems like a slippery slope to other religions sticking their hand up and saying "but the Jews got that, can we have........". In one way I suppose they already have some kind of 'freedom' in the sense that this practice appears to have slipped under the radar of child sex abuse associations and the like.

    Personally I still do feel sick that this continues, mouth to bleeding anything is awful. But one can't help think that mouth to bleeding newborn penis is horrid, even if the Mohel doesn't have herpes!!

    also wondering what RTFQ was searching for to come up with this article
  8. Being serious (for once) there is still the horror of female circumcision which serves no medical purpose but is still widely practiced in the UK.
  9. Mohels use antiseptic mouthwash before performing oral suction, they say, and the known incidence of herpes among infants who have undergone it is minuscule.

    'Oral metzitzah after ritual circumcision may be hazardous to the neonate” because it “carries a serious risk for transmission” of the herpes simplex virus, the paper concluded.
  10. 2nd attempt at a joke here:

    "You're making a mountain out of a mohel"
  11. I agree with you on that point, religious circumcision on females in those instances are awful and shouldn't be happening.
    Interesting point to note that in America (land of the 'whateveryouwantsurgery') when they say female circumcision they refer only to the removal of the hood of the clitoris (sorry it does exist chaps!) to increase sexual gratification. That's not really a medical reason but yet it is done with the female's consent and more often that not, her insistance.
  12. RTFQ


    Notwithstanding the potential setting of precedent - or even the horrendous medical issues surrounding this practice - it is SUCKING A BABY'S PENIS! I'm not a theologan, my knowledge of the major monotheistic religions is scant, but surely SUCKING A BABY'S PENIS is wrong! Not wrong as in "oh look, she stole that bread so she could feed her family" wrong, but wrong as in "look - he's sexually abusing that newborn infant" wrong. And the parents stand around watching, praying to mickey mouse or He Man or whoever else it is we're worshipping during this period of human development.

    I regularly shout at my TV/Newspaper/Monitor, but I am apoplectic - so much so that I looked up an online dictionary to make sure i spelt it correctly.

    Right I'm off to confront my padre. If he doesn't give me a sensible response I'm going to beat him with a crucifix.
  13. I caught the end (fortunately for my stomach) of a documentary on the Somalis in the UK and whoever does this is flown over from outside the UK to perform a job lot. The circumcision makes penetration almost impossible without severe pain and seems to be some form of chastity orientated minor surgery. Not something I would consider acceptable and something that does need discouraging as banning it would hit the human rights nail firmly on the thumb and cause no end of protests from the Somali population or those that continue the practice.
  14. Are you going to talk to one after he's just been on the job? I wouldn't even shake hands. I think I'd stick with the advice from the clothing store.

    It will ride up with wear!
  15. Sorry Woody

    Hope the appetite is back.

    You could always nibble on a pepperami sausage.

    Ok, maybe not.