Religion in the Army

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dillan_the_dog, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Apparently one of the choices now on the magic on-line JPS (or whatever it's called) in regard to religion is - Druid.

    It has recently seen a dramatic rise in the amount of service personnel who have decreed it to be their belief. So much so that the powers that be may be advertising for a Head Druid (or whatever they're called) to meet the comitment concerning the number of Druids currently serving in our Amed Forces.

    I wonder if anyone has contacted Arthur Pendragon yet and given him the good news?
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Well, with druid, we also have Devil worshiping in the Services. A member of the Senior Service, I think. Is that option there too?

    Wonder what they need? Issue of dead cat, an upside-down cross and a stamp with 666 on it? I assume Hell's fires come free? :D
  3. Have they added Jedi on JPA yet?
  4. One of the lads I know is both a serving soldier and a Pagan and that's his openly admitted religion, as far as we know it's also his Army recognised religion.

    Dunno if he was issued compo mistletoe and a Sickle, but his nickname is Merlin.

    Loadsa pish taking I can assure you...
  5. Do the still let Catholics fall out before mass?
  6. The system has lots of options to play with - the MOD one keeps asking us annually about our ethnicity details. A number of friends have gone from White British to a transexual Black Irish Traveller overnight - love to see the annual breakdown of staff now :)
  7. Do you mean "Church Parade C of E" etc. Mass is what Catholics use to describe what other Christians refer to as their church service.

    Or, do you mean Catholics are allowed to fight and argue before going to religious service? :D
  8. "Roam Out The Fallen Catholics" :D
  9. My mate in a loggie unit has 'Jedi' on his dog tags, dont know if he was being original or if it is on the acknowledged list.
  10. Then he's a f**king idiot taking the p*ss.
  11. Meh, rather a Sith than Jedi everytime.

    I mean, how useful would it be to be able to zap someone/thing with some 'leccy?

    It'd making cookin a damn sight easier.
  12. Not unless ye can zap it to a core temp of 75 degrees C, or 69C in England if ye like the shoites.

    And 82C for a reheat mind :D

    You Jedi and Syphilitic Sith think ye huv ALL the answers!!!

    There is only one TRUE religion.....


    (I say fitba' but ma sister loves bingo)
  13. Never been a fan of it me sen...

    And its more likely to be just a tad warmer than that....

    Admittidly, you could just place the.... item... onto a hot metal surface, then zap the surface.

    Ah, well...

    Just 'cause we can fly around and be all evil without repurcussion from anyone, you're just sore.... :D
  14. IIRC, he was on board the same frigate whose company have more recenly experienced some difficulties with Iranian speedboats.
  15. some years ago, those of us without Irish accents, and some with, decided to put our religion down as Zen Buddhist, not just Buddhists you understand, but ZEN buddhists.

    This was because of flights on hurcs, to and from Gib, in '88, and because we wanted to totally confuse some ot the more "dyed-in-the wool-" northern Irish prod NCOs, who got to see these documents.

    The crazy thing was that those of us with catholic sounding names were mainly protestant, and vice-versa. Eg. there was a guy called Curran who was a prod. Which totally "doublefeck" confused them, but it was none of their business. :)