Religion at Sandhurst?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by ExJet, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, Im just writing to see if anyone can clear something up for me.

    I have been told that Regular sunday services are mandatory for everyone at Sandhurst who puts a christian denomination on their forms. Those who write Muslim, Sikh or something else will be expected to use a multi faith room or something during this time.
    People who put Athiest/None in their religion box are simply found jobs to do if they chose not to attend sunday services.

    Now I have no objection at all to going to church on sundays, but Im not religious by any definition. I do however want to grab any chance possible for some extra spare time while at sandhurst.

    So, what should I do?

    A-Be honest and put "athiest" and suffer whatever consequences there are of being an infidel in a Christian Army.

    B-Tell them Im anglican or something and just go with the flow.

    C-Tell them Im Buddhist and enjoy use of the multi-faith facilities, which may well just consist of extra time for ironing and sleep.

    And advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I wasn't commissioned, but I'd much rather I had a leader with moral courage and integrity. If you have to ask the question then I have to wonder.

    And sort out your grammar before you get there. I also preferred leaders that had decent communication skills.
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  3. Anyone who puts agnostic or atheist down will attend the Anglican church service. Unless things have changed significantly, you will not even get the option of not attending or being given other tasks. Sounds like religion being forced upon you but in reality it is just another parade from which religious types also get to talk to the big guy in the sky. You will not be ostracised or treated any differently because you are an atheist, although they do talk about christian (small C) values, this is mainly about the need for an officer to be a "good person", look after your soldiers and protect the weak, etc. Don't sweat it!
  4. In 2008 it was mandatory for attendance on the first and last Sunday of each term, plus the first five weeks of juniors. So your looking at 10 ish services in sandhurst with a field service or two thrown in.

    My advice? Ignore all the above posts.

    Become a catholic. Services finish 15 mins earlier than the big church & you get a free kit kat - hence the Sandhurstism - Kit Kat Catholic.

    Do it.

    You won't look back. First five weeks alone that's ten fingers of chocolatey & waffer goodness and 1 hr 15 mins extra Mong time. Factor in a further 5 services minimum until commissioning, further savings to be had if you pick up a backterming or lucknow, and the gains are clear.

    (changing my denomination after commissioning did involve an interview with the Bn padre, but I consider it a worthwhile venture and would do the same tomorrow in a heart beat.)


    Beast AS.
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  5. Simply putting the religion of one's parents down on forms is wrong. If everyone was honest it would soon become apparent that only 1.5% of the "Christian Army" are in fact christians... On what grounds would they then force people into church every Sunday?
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  6. Higgs - I see you have an insight into the soldiers' mind. You'd be surprised just how many "non Christians" welcome the Padre's attention or even attendance at a church service. I don't really see what it's got to do with "one's parents". Church services in the Army are multi denominational (I hope you know that) and to be honest, pretty non threatening if that sort of thing threatens you.

    As far as Sandhurst goes, look, if you don't fancy the log race, just say you're a tree hugger - I'm sure your Pl Staff will understand - there will be all sorts of time saving measures like that but maybe you ought to heed Scouse's advice.

    Stick down whatever floats your boat on the form, but run along to Church Parades. It's part of your education because guess what, you'll be parading your soldiers to go to Church from time to time. And you know what - not many of them bitch about it.
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Keep your tedious proselytizing out of this forum: it isn't the place for it.
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  8. Bloody helll,life must be good if that's all you have to worry about!

    You need to get out more young man.
  9. No such thing as an atheist on the battlefield! However, I refer you to an earlier post; moral courage and integrity!
  10. Just a quick question to the OP - you're not an ex crab are you? That would explain quite a lot!
  11. I remember being marched to the steps of the RMAS Chapel and CSM D*n F*g***y giving the order "Fall out the Farsees, Parsees, Jews and Catholics! Remainder STAND STILL!".
  12. So your recommendation boils down to "tell lies to get an easier life".
  13. I don't think you are using that word correctly.
  14. Tell them you are a Evangelical Pentecostal, that'll confuse them. Also it gives you a back up plan when you start gibbering nonsense on your excersise phases you can say you were speaking in tongues.

    Or, go with the flow and make the most of the time with your oppos, not the wierdos who worship cows etc
  15. Yes. Of course I'm sure you have never lied once in your life. He without sin cast the first stone etc.

    And the OP was actually asking for advice because he is an atheiest, and my advice was attend the catholic service.
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