Reliable weather forecast?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. I saw three forecasts last night,ITV,BBC,and Sky.All promised rain and or thunder for this afternoon,here in East Sussex.
    So what happened? no rain,no thunder.I had told the builders not to bother coming as it was going to rain.
    Result?,yet another lost day on the build.
    Is there a reliable forecast service?
  2. Well, if you will believe someone that claims they can see into the future...
  3. Forecasters only have to correct 30% of the time on all their predictions.
  4. Not necessarily any more reliable than your average Sky / BBC / ITV combo, but you might as well read it from the horses mouth.

    Met Office - South East England Forecast
  5. We always take what they say on the forecast and add 24 hrs this is when it will rain and not when they say not scientific but it seems to work most of the time up here anyways.
  6. For a fairly accurate long term [week] forecast, type 'falling rain' into a search engine and put your location in.
    Works for me here in Hungary when I want to plan, say a fishing trip. It will give you predicted precipitation/max and min temps and cloud cover plus lat and long/nearest airport/altitude and other info.
  7. It's an easy forecast for G.B.

    Eight months of rain and four months of train cancellations due to the occasional leaf and frost on the track.
  8. BBC website is fairly accurate; gives a 5 -day forecast specific to your postcode. :)

    Correctly forecast that it was going to be p1ssing down all day today! 8O
  9. Just looked at the Beeb,apparently it is raining on my postcode.Looking out the window,I see sunshine.
    Must dust off my Grans' old seaweed.
  10. If you wanted to know what the weather is doing outside your house currently, turn on the weather layers in Google Earth.
  11. I would have thought looking out of the window would have been much quicker. :wink:
  12. They're so bad at weatherforecasting here in France that now I either listen to the French shipping forecast or go to the British Met Office website & a couple of English websites for tourists in France & they usually get it right.
    So my advice is to try the shipping forecast & Met Office website, after all if they can get it right for France...! :)
  13. You need an Indian weather stone!! Guaranteed to tell you what the weather's doing, or your money back!
  14. Weather guessers should all be called Michael Foot.

    About as much good as hanging seaweed out the window.
  15. There was something about this on Jezza Vine last week. They had someone from Torquay complaining that when the BBC forecasts were wrong it always seemed to be that they'd said it would rain and it then didn't. They also interviewed John Kettley who left the Met Office a while ago, who backed up that they do have a tendency to do this after Michael Fish's unfortunate utterance all those years ago.

    The solution he had was to give the %age possibility of rain rather than those rather abstract black clouds with a little sun, which round us is a fairly good guarantee of a nice day.