Reliable source for second hand or reduced graphics cards?

Another mong graphics card question:

I have a Dell XPS 720 with 2x Nvidia 8600GS in SLI. Unfortunately these cards don't seem to be able to cope with Fallout 3 even on basic settings - lots of crash to desktop because of the video driver (driver is latest-but-one, 'cos the latest one fnucks up everything including Nvidia control panel).

Would like to see what I can get for about £150 or so.

I've tried eBay, but graphics cards seem to attract the sort of nutty/scam bidders who go on to rack the price up past full retail. Also, with the variations in specification in the same card model number, its often hard to deduce the appropriate price.

I just wondered if anyone has come across a decent source of discounted or second-hand cards - maybe a shop that offers a short warranty on cards pulled from trade-ins or that sort of thing?
Thanks for all the leads, chaps.

CEX turned out to be fairly pricey - you also either have to go to a branch at the other end of the country to collect or wait three weeks for them to transfer an item between branches...

As it happens, I got a fairly mint Asus 9800GTX+ on fleabay for a reasonable price. Installed fine and works beautifully with all games, except....... Fallout 3, where the game crashes on loading every time. Aaaaaaarrrrgghhhh!!!!!

(Looking at the forums, this is a common and - to date - unresolved issue. What a bummer - just as my character finally got kitted and perk'd up to a decent level..... there go my saved games.... Oh well, looks like I'll be belatedly joining the CoD MW2 thread instead....)

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