Reliability of European Allies

Many on ARRSE dispair at the 'reliability' of our NATO allies in Europe, and scoff at the thought of an EU Force capable of doing anything meaningful. There is more than just a little substance in this concern.

However, it would be good to also understand the perceptions of our European allies in this too. I come up against this issue on a regular basis and, frankly, I'm getting rather fed up with having to trot out the same old excuses. Consider this...

The EU has been running the military mission in Bosnia for some time now. Originally the UK was a major player, but has subsequently pulled out due to "commitments elsewhere". Kosovo could well become another EU military operation if the Ahtisaari plan is implemented - again, another location the UK has withdrawn from citing "commitments elsewhere".

Last week, the EU agreed to send a 3,700 strong force to CAR/Chad - which, if you keep up to date, has just turned a little hotter than expected. And guess what, no UK involvement beyond a staff officer. More info from this press release:

So, to sum up, three significant military operations under EU C2, and hardly a whiff of UK involvement. I know HMAF a little busy in other trouble spots, but just who is it that is the 'unreliable partner'? How will a meaningful EU force ever gain credibility, if the most potent performer always refuses to join in?

And what would you suggest? Kosovo and Bos are currently tee-shirt tours just like Cyprus. I think we have our hands full dealing with the Stan at the moment. If it's more commitment you want, send a letter to GB and ask him why he got rid of so many troops in the middle of 2 feckin' wars!
cause he (GB) is to busy giving money away to imigrant tossers.....
to pay the guys he let go between the 2 f in wars......
We do the fighting, they come when it's safe, what was the question again? EU in Chad, well genocide in no fun without spectators.
whitecity said:
Many on ARRSE dispair at the 'reliability' of our NATO allies in Europe, and scoff at the thought of an EU Force capable of doing anything meaningful. There is more than just a little substance in this concern.Discuss.
.....well as long as it keeps the Germans from duffing up the French and marching through the low countries to kill Belgians......on second thoughts...... :wink:

ps: I must be out of date. Is there such a thing as an EU Force???? When did they get the keys to the armoury????
what is an e u Allie .......majority are crap the french only get involved if they can run it the Germans there government rains them in all the time cloggies ..OK the rest well ...............
I'm not sure the issue for me is whether they send more or not, it'd just be nice if the EU allies already there decided to do some genuine fighting.. maybe Im being too harsh. Not there yet to make a genuine informed decision yet.
No doubting there is a lot of political push behind more EU military forces but a lot of this is ambitious pretentions. The EU as a whole (us and France included) spend more on defence than anyone except the USA but it is a collection of small forces (again apart from France, Germany and us) with lots of duplication.

The operations described are more para military than military, police actions and the Chad mission, it took longer for participants, as individual nations not the EU as a whole, to decide what to call itself than it did to start actually doing anything.

Strictly second division as it stands now

At the moment, the EU is a well armed police force
To do what? French troops either go in without the correct mandate or go in to show face for the French Goverment prior to a major contract being agreed. Once deal signed they then seem to be unable to leave barracks and slip away into the background, leaving us or another nation to pick up the pieces (again!).
Answer to question in title: None!

The Danes and the Dutch may turn up, and who knows about the Poles. The remainder, frankly, I'd be happy to have on the 'other side'.

PS: Ooops! I hope I have not queered T. Bliar's bid to be President of the European Soviet Union. It needs someone to bring it down; to ensure it implodes; - and T.Blair is just the person.
These small policing actions are pretty much all EU countries apart from Britain and France can really handle. Britain is doing the real hot work!
Seems the majority feel the rest of Europe should follow where Britain leads - regardless of their own opinions on the matter.

For me, I feel an alliance is a two-way street. We're now asking them to do something that wasn't on the cards when they signed up, we didn't consult them before steaming ahead and yet we're now surprised and outraged when they fuck us off?

Aye, well. No surprise there.
Our EU allies....

Oh mercy!
In all honesty if (in the very unlikly event) france had invaded the stan would we have followed them? Don't blame em for not wanting to get dragged into the shit hole.
WQe provide homes and health for the needy of Eurpoe and alot of the World. Let others play World policeman for a while. If any country should be going into Chad it's France and on its own if necessary.
Once one stops laffing at the assumption that the UK has/needs European allies to aid them in America's wars, one is left with pi$$ing one's self at the thought of a Euro Trash Force on a midium scale two way range!
you cant really call them allies.Because they are only backing us when we are winning. then try(Badly)to claim it was a eu victory

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