Relentless Taliban just keep coming

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. From The Sunday Times
    October 5, 2008
    Relentless Taliban just keep coming
    As their gruelling tour of duty in Afghanistan ends, men of 2 Para tell of relentless battles with an enemy that simply doesn’t know when he is outgunned

    AS the Afghan sun set over the end-of-tour memorial service last Wednesday at British headquarters in Lashkar Gah, 32 names of the dead, aged between 19 and 52, were solemnly read out, including that of the first woman killed, Corporal Sarah Bryant. Almost every other name, it seemed, was from 2 Para.

    The 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment lost more lives than any other section of 16 Air Assault Brigade — 11 in total, and five in one week in June — or one in 10 of the unit.

    Over the past few days, as the paras flew back to Camp Bastion at the start of their journey home, the mood was sombre. “2 Para took the bulk of the casualties,” said Sergeant Andrew Lamont.

    “I lost a few good friends I’ve known for 12 years. Others lost limbs. But when you’re out on the bases you just get on. If anything it encourages you to fight to the best of your ability. Only now, as we’re going home without them, is it really sinking in.”

    Grim reality of life beyond Helmandshire
    The most recent victim was popular Lance-Corporal Nicky Mason, killed by a roadside bomb while on patrol keeping the Taliban away from the Kajaki dam. “It was a big shock to everybody,” said Lamont, who was just a few hundred yards away when he heard the blast. “When I got back to camp I actually had a cigarette, the first I’d smoked in 19 years.”
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  2. Safe journey home lads and may god bless the fallen and injured.
  3. It must be a bit of a blinder for the troops to know that Foreign and Commonwealth staff get two weeks off for every six weeks worked and of course oodles more money than the troops for the hardships they have to endure!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    And substantially better accomodation...
  5. Blurs wars still baffle me.
    Is the British Government serious about it's 30 plus to sort out Afghanistan, or was that just so much Nue Labour BS.
    Wars are expensive in both Manpower and Money.
    For years Labour has hidden the true Costs of the Debt it has racked up for UK.
    I understand that come Wednesday the Chancellor will change the rules for amount of debt the state can run up.
    Also I am given to believe that new Euro Rules will bring the 'Hidden' PFI debt onto the books.
    Labour has tried to hide the death total in it's overseas wars and no Minister has ever met the fallen far too busy.
    The New Lord for Hampstead Heath, twice allowed to resign, never prosecuted and now back to save Brown from the Blurites.
    How long will this scum be with us ?
  6. To be fair, would you want them too?

    Keep them away in my opinion!