Relegation Watch: Prem League 2012

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by twony, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Bye, bye Wolverhampton.

    Blackburn are firming up to be playing Peterborough and Bristol City next season, while Bolton's draw against Sunderland didn't lift them outside the drop zone.

    Those three will do me, as think there's too many clubs from the northwest. While I do have an irrational hatred of Wigan Athletic and have been wanting to see them drop for the last few years now, their recent form sees them deserve to stay up.

    Blackburn Rovers will (debatably) be a loss to the league, but perhaps it's for the best if they spend some time in the Championship.

    While Bolton, yeah whatever...

    Quite enjoy QPR and find them, and their owners, more amusing than Rovers and they potentially do have the funds to win the Champions League in five years, as is apparently their intention ;-) Bit surprised they haven't been linked with Beckham/ Maradona/ Messi/ etc... But, guess that's only a matter of time.

    Villa have been picking up a point here and there and can't see them continuing their freefall. Although, the number of games the bottom five have been winning is a bit unusual and suppose weirder things, than Aston Villa getting relegated this year, have happened.
  2. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    ha - I know what you mean - but for me it's Stoke ( largely because fackin' Rod Liddle wants them to stay up in place of Swansea).

    After last night Bolton looking a bit interesting to see how Charlton do next season against some of the teams heading for the Championship.
  3. So, Villa has stumbled across the line. What on earth happened to them in the last few months?

    Rovers need two big wins and other results to go their way... 100+/1

    Bolton also require some results to go their way. But, if lose when your 2 nil up, like they just did against WBA, you can't complain.

    Actually, it's been quite a "good natured" end of season for the relegation threatened sides. No one's been blaming refereeing conspiracies or threatening legal action.

    I quite like Stoke City. Their style of play doesn't disturb me and they've given regular first team positions to guys like Crouch, Woodgate and Etherington, who might struggle for a game in another Premier league club. Although, Pennant's a cock. Don't bend over for the soap Jermaine... although you probably already know that