Release Tommy Robinson

If TR was offed in jail, by anyone, I’m convinced we’d see a massive rise in hate crime for a significant period. I don’t think that it would turn into Northern Ireland, but the Police overtime bill would be cheeky.
You do talk some shite, really: if such was the case, the only thing that would happen is 4 fat blokes and a pitbull named Tyson would go and get a bit pissed.
In the great national riots of 2011 professional looters got some good work in some cities

In Salisbury a bin got kicked over
It was slightly more than 'lending his brother the deposit for a mortgage'

"He had conspired with a crooked mortgage broker, Deborah Rothschild, and others, to obtain mortgages under false pretences.
How Ironic!
I hear that tommy yaxley robinson lennon has been wined at dined in the Barry room at the house of Lords
he was entertained to a rather nice lunch by Gerard Batten and Lord Pearson
Tommy Robinson dines with Ukip bosses at House of Lords

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Guests are admitted to the other two restaurants, which serve food of rather more ambition. The Barry Room offers an indulgent à la carte menu: mains average £12 and include calf’s liver and pancetta crisps, or, if you want to push the boat out, a Dover sole at £28.

I would include a picture of the dining room, but its rather vulgar and overdone
Tommy Robinson has been invited to speak at the US Congress by a group of Republican politicians.
The far-right figurehead, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, is waiting to see if American authorities will approve a visa for the event scheduled for 14 November.

Tommy Robinson invited to address US Congress members in Washington by Republican supporters
My understanding is that once you have been done for an immigration offence in the US you are done and will never be allowed back.
The reason he was refused entrance to the US in the first place was because of drug offences. They alone are enough to get you banned for life from entry.
Not a guaranteed ban. It gets you banned from visa waivers for life but apparently you can apply for a visa and you might get it.

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