Release Tommy Robinson

I think he will have his hands full of the big boys.
seeing as this thread is already in the hole and I've been sensible for several posts, I've edited your post for the obligatory prison rape 'joke'
Establishment stitch up.
Or something.
as he was appearing under his actual name of Stephen Yaxley-Lenon, surely it's time to change the rallying cry?
If he isn’t killed in there don’t forget
Don't get my hopes up like that..

I mean, ohh conditions are terrible in prison, and understaffing and stuff. It was much better back in the good old days of Fletcher and Godber. They was proper criminals in them days, Respect their Mums and stuff
The antifa mob manage to unchain themselves from various trees for a bit of “non-violent” protest.
maybe both sides will take a few of each other out of the way, anyone left can be put inside. job done.

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