Release of strategic oil reserve

Did a search and can't find a thread on this using the search box , so here goes, apologies if a thread eluded me.

Exclusive: U.S., Britain set to agree on emergency oil stocks release | Reuters

Releasing Oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve Will Not Do Much to Lower Prices

Using and more importantly filling up the Passat I appreciate that a reduction in price is welcomed and releasing some of the reserve would seem to bring down prices.

But with the joys of the Middle East at the moment, I would have thought it would be a good idea to hold quite a significant reserve.

Standing by to be both mocked and informed.

Do what they want, OPEC will just drop production again and ram up the price. China want oil to sustain their growth, the West.....who the **** are they?
This does rather seem a pointless gimmick to try to manipulate prices without threatening the tax yield on pump prices.
A reserve always needs to be reconstituted as soon as possible, so two questions:

How are they going to do that and keep the national debt down if the OPEC nations have taken an income hit from the temporary depression of prices?

What do they imagine will happen to oil prices once our reserve is sold?

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