Release for the Yorkshire Ripper!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BarkingSpider, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. old_fat_and_hairy

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    I heard he had been offered a job on the new look 'Top Gear', as a test driver of HGVs, under the name of 'The Shiv'.
  2. That seems fcuked up. And we'll be paying to protect him from being lynched forever, ain't 'justice' great?
  3. It's about time. The man cleansed the streets of filth and boosted the sales of the humble ball peen hammer. Good on you Sir Peter.
  4. He can move in next door to my mother in law if he wants. I'll even supply the hammer

    jezus, a man just tries to clean up the streets a little and look at all the yelling and screaming it causes...............

    can we move this thread to the naafi?
  6. If Sutcliffe is so safe let him live next to the Doctors who claim he's cured.
  7. The article, as is typical for the Sun, is wrong in at least one respect. It claims he'll miss out on the high security hospital phase and move straight to Medium Secure. He won't as Broadmoor is a High Secure hospital anyhow so he's been at High secure level since his conviction. He's likely to be in a medium secure setting (IF the Ministry of Justice allow him to go, it's a very big if too) for a very long time as he'll need an awful lot of rehab after being locked up for nearly 30 years before he'd be able to cope outside and he may never reach that level given his current age. Then he'd probably have to go through a Low Secure setting as well.

    The chances of him being on the streets any time in the forseeable future are fundamentally non-existent. He may have a campaign to declare him sane, but that isn't going to happen if he's still on the medication that the psychiatrists say he needs to be on for the rest of his life to keep him as 'well' as he is (or isn't) now.
  8. After watching the TV prgramme - in the line of fire, last night where two scum carjacked a woman and no charges were brought, nothing surprises me.

    They have now decided that he is fit to be released as he has stopped singing if I had a hammer
  9. taught me everything i know about pulling the laydeez

    pull up to the kerb
    chat with young lady
    wallop to the nugget with the holy hammer
    sack over head and dragged into car
    drive to remote location
    make sweet lurve in the moonlight
    bludgeon face until its unrecognisable
    snip off fingers & remove teeth
    dispose of corpse in local pig farm

    suttcliffe for premier of an independent yorkshire says i

    edited for mong spelling whilst aroused
  10. To be fair, he claimed he carried out the murders for a higher cause, why was he not let out under some terms similar to the good friday agreement.

    it worked for the IRA.
  11. If he's passed as sane, won't he just go back to prison?

    IIRC, he was originally sent to prison rather than hospital after his 'diminished responsibility' defence failed. In prison, he became mad and was sent to Broadmoor.

    If he's now cured of his madness after only 30 years of care and attention from psychiatrists and burly, tattooed men equipped with straight jackets, he should be going back to prison for the rest of his life. Surely he's on a full life tariff?
  12. Nothing surprises me any more, but I just cannot understand why they would even be considering this as an option in this man's case.
    Mentally ill or not, I think they should have strung him up for what he did.
    He will never be rehabilitated and he's of no use whatsoever to society except to drain vast resources.
    And that female human rights lawyer who's defending him, well, she's just after making a name for herself on Legal Aid. The unfeeling cow should come and speak to some of the families still blighted by what this evil barstard did.
  13. From the Telegraph:

    'Sutcliffe is now represented by human rights lawyer Saimo Chahal. His legal team have fought hard recently to have him declared sane and given a release date.'

    Who is paying Saimo Chahal's fees (let me guess - legal aid?) and would Saimo Chahal like to demonstrate how safe our Peter is by having him move in next door?
  14. Taff I was puzzled by this as well. Within moments of the Carjacking the Police were behind the stolen car, a chase happened on camera the 2 males caught were filmed abandoning the car and being caught, but no charges? Even if the Police couldn't pin them for the robbery (Some geezer give us the car innit) surely they could be done for receiving Stolen goods.

    I try not to watch these Police Programmes as I get annoyed at hearing "Charges were later dropped". When we have just seen them on film doing the deed.