Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by slopey_shoulders, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. Okey Dokey arrsers!

    Are there any Telecommunications Operator Radio Relay on this site?

    Now im talking about a system called Ptarmigan to those of you who were reading comics,at school or w@nking off looking at the female lingerie section of kays catalogue whilst this small and intrepid band of Royal Signals soldiers were keeping the Army communicating!!!....

    What with the amalgamation of so many trade groups in the Corps i am wondering if there are any of us still about, im talking traded as a relay op not this AS OP or CS OP balls...

    So come on.....where are you!!
  2. There is a certain infrequent poster on here who hates it when I call him a AS/CS Op.

    I might just direct him to this thread :wink:
  3. C50 and C70 were in before you joined me ole mucker! looking at your dates you deffo must remember the relay sys op banter!!
  4. I spent many an hour speccing C70's and C50's ( and the RFA's too ) at Wildenrath. Triffid was new fangled stuff and I also did 1+4's too.
  5. Do use mere Euromux Relay ops count or not?

  6. Mere? I was one and never felt 'mere'!
  7. I was married to one if that counts! :D
  8. Yes you are 'mere' because I know who you are ! (Sir)

  9. It was Combat Radioman in the 70's, C50, C70, not to mention C41 and a box of crystals, we even did steam radio (C11 and C42) it just depended on your posting whether you went RR or voice.
  10. Relay Op here, none of this AS/CS Op bollocks!
  11. :D Ah , the wisdom and knowledge of the old and bold RR,RTG and Radio ops has been lost in time . But those Fukkers knew how to get the Comms in.

    First time I had to move a Scam 12 at 23 00 O'clock,in the rain , in the dark.

    WTF , here I was a Lclp Tech - knowing fukk all but Im a LCPL Tech so there ! - and a 15 year RR Clp says ,"Right , all "WE"??? need to do is move the mast , Oh about 10 meters that way to the left and the shot will be getting 5ives "

    WTF its wet and dark and how the fukk can moving a mast 10 meters work.

    Lo and behold it worked.

    Or down in South Georgia in 84 where the Rad Op was bouncing the HF off the Mountain behind Grytviken on a man pack back to the F.I.? :? HTF does that work then.

    Gods the lot of them.

    Radio relay had a pair of 3 1/2 KVA's so a had a kettle and a heater as well as the oblitatory porn. Either in the safe or hidden in the slot between the safe and the table top. :D

    4 years later in Catterick we did Masts , Ants and Prop and were told about ground plane and all that magic.
    So thats how they did it .
  12. Because! Thats all you need to know. :wink:
  13. i was that staffy
  14. Of course, they were BRUIN Relays - and lacked the bang up to date, finger on the pulse, white hot technology extra bits of the PTARMIGAN Relays.

    I bet there is a Euromux Det still out on the Bielefield ridge somewhere, wondering why the other end has dropped, and no one is on the EOW!
  15. Did you not get Endex Fozzy? You can come in now :wink: