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Hi guys.

Two questions for the regs amongst you

1. Is it true the 3.5kva gennys are getting replaced with the gennys from the central dets ?
2. Has anyone got an NSN for the external front bins I have seen that hang off the "headboard" of the beddys ?

Or are they a mod as I have been led to believe
No the gennys are not getting replaced by the central ones or they will have to totally re-wire the det, and the NSN I haven't got a clue phone the guys in ETT Blandford they may have
Which sotwage bins are we talking about here Polar?

Are we talking about jerry can size bins that are bolted to the headboard of the truck and cage?

If so they were a local mod that you literally asked the REME to do for you if you were too lazy to do yourself :D

More often than not it was a case of asking for some spare bins from another Bedford and getting them stuck on but they didnt come as standard, in my first 13 years working with Relays before moving into other jobs it was always hit and miss as to whether you got one that someone had already fitted them to previously so most Relay Ops (again if they could be bothered) just 'sourced' some bins and did it themself.

You know the score, you can never have enough cupboards to hide things in!
The bins I am on about go on the headboard between the cab and the cage, they are nearly the width of the head board and about a metre deep, constructed of heavy gauge wire mesh they clamp onto the headboard, usually used for stowing mushrooms and poles .

Re the gennys, as a stab I realise that ptarmigan is not going to last forever but wonder what the future has in store for us. The 3.5's are getting a bit long in the tooth just like me !!


The headboard bins you're on about are something that are meant to of disappeared by now. We've got one in our fleet as it were now so the chances of getting hold of one would be quite slim I'd of thought. Shopping trip to that nice Ptarmigan store place maybe?

As for the gene's the unit I'm at has tested 2 of the new style 3.5's around 3 or 4 weeks ago. I can tell you that they look the same as the old 3.5's and are just a bit cleaner with some new shiney bits which we were assured would be green when we recieve the final product :roll: I wouldn't hold your breath on getting these new 3.5's as it would appear there are still a few teething problems but hey ho...
polar said:
polar69 said:
as a stab I realise that ptarmigan is not going to last forever
numerous hell marys for you old bean, never admit to being stupid might - it's way past it's expected run out date already. The thing is, it works.

Doesn't set the world on fire but come the day when you need encrypted voice and conference calls in the middle of nowhere, it works.
PK, I'd use a coal fired genny if it provided me with reliable power 24/7

Polar - "Hell Mary's" ? Freudian slip perhaps ? :p

Wingltang, you could be right, 5 years ago I was still on eurobitch
I heard a rumour about the AC gennys being replaced with DC while i was on my class 1 last year. It wouldnt take that much rewiring to be honest. On numerous occasions i've done the reverse and run a SAS/MC off a 16/24 or a 20Kw.
Doesn't the kit run off DC in the Relay?? The 240v inside is for kettles and Playstations only ;-)
the_guru said:
Doesn't the kit run off DC in the Relay?? The 240v inside is for kettles and Playstations only ;-)
Pretty much yes. When i was first told of this the general comment was "where can i charge my mobile now then?"
You can get 24V kettles or use gas, I never take a tv anyway and as an evil det commander don't allow playstation etc. No one else can take them - why should my chaps. Anyway its only a weekend
And if using DLOS within your Det you need 240V for the modems, however when TXing on 200W have an ED on 24/7 standby, cos that stuff just eats up Gene's. Solution? Dont got to Marconi!!!!!!

Cant even charge your phone with that shit on. (So the FofS says anyway).
**** me I found a picture

Alright its not on a relay or a beddy but does illustrate what I was blethering on about

Or is that in fact a roof box ?
polar69 said:
Not heard of DLOS, what is it ( proword "no wah" )
ARRC kit. Range extension kit, so the HQ could get rid of that horrendous Tropo stuff the yanks brought. If the tropo was static for more than a few days, it used to turn the trees brown in it's line of sight - major league TX power, 2+ KW at UHF freqs = Non intrusive vasectomy. Are the DLOS antennae still those original bone tin foil things??

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