Relatives wanting to send prezzies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Closet_Jibber, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. Its christmas (nearly). My relatives want to send prezzies to people.

    The usual advice is donate and all that crap but they insist. How do they go about doing it these days seeing as its been seen fit that people can't send anonymous gifts to an unknown soldier anymore.

    Any advice welcome besides shove it up my ricker.
  2. It's still possible to donate and send a parcel, I have done this again by donating for two parcels this year:

    It looks like they're getting soldiers to 'request' a Christmas parcel and then using an online donation (like mine) to fill the order.

    Edited to change the url.
  3. Last year we received a lot of parcels from wellwishers, and they contained a lot of moral. As BFPO will not accept parcels sent to 'A Soldier' most of them were addressed to the CQMS of our unit. We also recieved quite a few from the local Padre who was sharing the wealth!
  4. Anybody know what units are out in the FOB's. Then they can just be addressed to the CQMS.
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  7. As much as I'd like to in their rush to get them sent off before the 5th they've already boxed up 5 parcels.

    What regiments are in theatre. Its 3 Commando Brigade is it not?
  8. 1 Rifles and elements of 2 PWRR are out there as well.
  9. Bowmore_Assassin

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    From which I quote:

    "The Enduring Families Free Mail Service is intended only for the use of the close friends and families of those on operations.

    As well as mail, our logistic supply chains move essential equipment, including food, medical supplies, and ammunition. Please do not send parcels. Unsolicited goodwill parcels sent by members of the public to personnel serving on operations can place a significant strain on the logistic supply chains, which can place personnel at additional risk. Parcels from the general public can also delay letters and parcels sent by families and friends, especially at Christmas.

    This is why we ask members of the public not to send unsolicited parcels to personnel on operations - please consider one of the other ways to show your support, described on this page."

    My earlier post on this thread has the link to the heated debate on this topic, hence Bad CO's advice is what should be followed, IMHO.

  10. My link on the second post of this thread is actually for 'Support our Soldiers'. I just linked direct to their donations page for Xmas parcels. ('Just Giving' is the same thing).

    Just to clear up any confusion.