Relatively sudden drop in fitness.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Palahniuk, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. Evening all,
    Firstly, yes I'm orf to see the ol' doctor next week regarding this issue. Basically posting here to see if anyone else has experienced this.

    Basically, I feel as unfit right now as I have ever been. In fact, I jolly well am as unfit as I've ever been. The strange thing is, that this is neither due to under or over-training. (Or at least, it surely can't be. I'm not training like a mad man, nor am I doing nothing- I do honestly make an effort with my fitness)

    If I may begin with an example : When I FIRST started running and focusing on my fitness, in my naiveté I started out running 2 miles at a pace that allowed to me run the distance. I had no dramas with making the distance, and after experimenting with the pace a bit, I upped with another 2 mile lap, and again, then again - All within a very short space of time. I mention this as this really wasn't that long ago in the grand scale of things, and it shows that although I was going about it wrong, I made some big improvements.

    Skip to recent months, and the problem becomes clear. In December/ January - My shortest run was a 5k- One steady away, one fast-er paced at the end of the week with a 3 mile fartlek run in-between. Some weeks I threw in a 6, maybe 8 miler.

    Since then, I have been feeling fatigue in a way I've actually never experienced before - Breathing very heavily on runs, panting at the end of a very short distance, having to stop, add to that some creeping pain on the shins and I've suddenly started to flake out faster and under less mileage within the past 6 weeks or so.

    All came to a head the other week when I failed a PFT. (Something I have never done, consistently around the 9:15 mark. And even when I did my RSW with little to no training, I came in under 10:30, for Christ's sake)

    For an ending example, skip to the 'run' I had today - Barely managed to make 2 miles, at a 9:00 mile pace. Had to stop for 2 minutes to get my breath back, and jogged at a very steady away pace for another mile. Was literally wheezing at the end.

    I just can't fathom why this is - Less than 8 weeks ago, I was running as fine as I ever have. I haven't put on weight, haven't lost any. No dramatic changes in diet. Had no time off from training, nor have I purposefully reduced my mileage or time spent running.

    All discussion, ideas and pisstakings are warmly welcomed and encouraged,
    Many thanks.
  2. pancreatic cancer?
  3. Hmmmm,

    Sounds like it could be Anemia mate. The symptoms of which are:

    Chest pain

    Dizziness or light-headedness (especially when standing up or with exertion)

    Fatigue or lack of energy


    Problems concentrating

    Shortness of breath (especially during exercise)

    Some types of anemia may have other symptoms, such as:


    Problems thinking


    As you have 2 of the symptoms, the fatigue and breathing (when exercising) problems your doc will prob start there. If you have any of the others you should mention it also. Most common type is low iron which leads to low red blood cell count, may be easy to fix, but it can lead to further problems and cause heart attacks in the maturer person.

    Hope it helps
  4. You're doing this PT lark sober are you??? Get a few cans of Guinness down your head before PT and you'll soon be better. (Or throw some whisky down yer neck too - no pain whilst running then.) :)
  5. Going sick sounds best mate.

    Have you been ill lately? I got food poisoning once, lasted a week, then I had to learn to run again, I mean that I couldn't jog slowly from work to home. Started jogging, got 200m and had to break into a wheezy light headed walk, wondering if I should crack on the remaining 2 miles home or go back for the duty wheels.

    The next day the M.O. told me I had post viral syndrome. That was a bastard to get over.

    Good luck, mon ami.
  6. Been swapping saliva with anyone lately?

    Just over a year ago I experienced a sudden dip in fitness for no apparent reason. I used to start every gym session with 5k on the treadmill followed by weights and circuits. I began to find the 5k very tough even at reduced pace and couldn't understand why since there was no change to my routine or diet. It came to a head when one day I barely made 4km before the urge to projectile vomit overcame me and I practically fell off the darn machine.

    I hadn't been ill (under my definition of ill anyway) but realised that every few weekends for the previous months there had been minor things wrong with me. One weekend it was a sore head. the next weekend it would be a sore tummy. then tonsillitus. The following weekend it would be one-day flu. The underlaying thing to all this was a feeling of general apathy... I was lazier, I knew it, I tried to muster enough energy to get going again but for some reason couldn't!

    But there wasn't enough going on to make me believe I was ill - I just thought there was a lot of bugs going round and thought nothing of it. But slowly I began to put two and two together and drew up a timeline of all my minor ill days after going back through my text messages to see when I had cancelled social events and why.

    Took myself and my list of symptoms over a period of 6 weeks to the doctor and she ordered bloods be taken but she was pretty sure she knew what it was already and she was right....

    Glandular Fever

    By the age of 45 something like 95% of the population will have had it at some point but most will never know they've had it because most peoples symptoms are so mild. People who are laid up in bed with giant swollen glands are apparently not as common as you'd think with it. I certainly didn't have swollen or sore glands so it never crossed my mind that it could be glandular fever, but I did have all the other symptoms.

    Best bet is get off to the docs mate.
  7. I'm with Boozy....I had exactly the same issue when I was 21 and it was glandular fever.
  8. Like some of the others I'd hazard a guess at a viral type thing. Your med man should be able to confirm it, although there's no treatment really. One thing I would say is, regardless of what the problem may be, your body is sending you a very clear message that it can't fight on all fronts. Rest, fluids and sensible diet at least until you've seen the MO
  9. As Mr Boozy said, Glandular fever.
    I had it a few years back. No swollen glands, not bed ridden, just grindingly tired ALL the time. I've always been someone who works hard to make the day go quickly, especially when on a price. It got worse and even worse, until when plastering an old dear's lounge, as soon as she went out mid-morning, I had to sit down 'for a rest.' She came back LATE AFTERNOON and woke me up! It was like I'd been Rohypnolled (I imagine....).
    Went to docs, who took blood and results said I'd had Glandular fever.

    I wish you a speedy recovery.
  10. It's Miss actually... at least I don't think I have a penis...:)

    Just on the sleeping thing... I was tired all the time but annoyingly couldn't sleep at night... for a good run of a few nights I had restlessness and itchy soles of my feet that saw me leaping out of bed and moonwalking all over my rough carpet to try and relieve it. I would lay there wide awake all night until around 5/ which time I would drift off, sleep in and end up in a whole heap of shit for missing stuff!

    The diagnosis was a total relief as it gave me a legitimate reason for being suddenly shit at everything!
  11. I wouldn't say that too loudly around here, some smart arse will volunteer to check for you.....
  12. Many thanks for the replies ladies and gents, much appreciated (I'll trust boozy to be a er... woman of her word)

    Glandular fever looks like it might be a possibility, after researching it a tad further. But as I say, I'll be at the docs next week.
    If it is that, certainly not liking there fact it's a no treatment process - In fact let's hope the doc says that I've simply turned into a fat knacker!
  13. Let us know the outcome please ... I want to see if I'm right and should consider a career in medicine... that plus us women, you see, i don't know if you've heard, but we don't like to be proven wrong ... :) ;-)
  14. If the doc says your depressed just slap them they need it sometimes. Pretty much the same thing happened to me a while back suddenly went tits up with all your symptoms plus weight gain with avengence. Went through a couple of doctors and bloods which wern't specific to what I have but should have given them clues. Eventually found that my thyroid had decided to go wonky big style (I "doctored" the blood test form to include a test). Not saying you have the same just do not let the doctors plam you off with the usual it's a virus/your a little bit down stock answers. When you can see a fall off in performance you know somethings not right.
  15. I had the same thing at 25 years of age. It was an under-active thyroid. Be aware that some DRs don't like to supplement your natural thyroid with synthetic if you are 'marginal'. Push them for some and see how you get on.

    There are many signs - slower metabolism, hair and skin feel different to usual, constipation, a fatigue from the inside out rather than the usual muscular or hangover type fatigues.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.