Relative performance level of US rangers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cycl0ps, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. I have a question for anybody who has served with US Rangers how they compare to your average Squaddie. I have it on good authority although disputed by dem guys on that there is little difference. They think dem rangers are the dogs doodahs.
  2. Good authority? Have you heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend, who heard it from a guy at the pub?

    Or have you watched some crappy film, and are confusing it with the truth.

    This kind of thread is utterly pointless.

  3. I didn't mention Jocks but he's currently getting a suntan. Well least I hope he is - he's been AWOL for a while.
  4. We "played soldiers" against them back in 80 or 81. "We" being II Sqn RAF Regiment.

    We caught them all that came against the flying sites. They got to every Logs site they could find, which was most IIRC.

    Having said that they were pretty good. We had to "tighten up" the defense a little, (not sure that we would have an advantage like that for real - probably not - but we would probably have had a full compliment, not 90+% as we had).

    They worked well, got close and behaved well when caught... Oh, and they were fun to be on the p1ss with afterwards...

    As soldiers: They were no better or worse than we were. Having said that, the crap you are about to hear from the Army will be irrelevant... They have probably never "played" against them and have an irrational fear/loathing of "us".
  5. Ah so we are not talking about the ibrox rangers then who sing crap songs about the pope and wear bowlers.
  6. I left the mob in 67 on 100% War Pension and the only Yanks I ever saw were in Singapore sailors on Shore Leave from Nam. They didn't fraternise with us although we had a couple of Aussie SAS for a while who were on R&R from NAM and they said the Yanks were a mixed bag some good some bad. They could certainly shift the 'Tiger' main problem was the monsoon drains bloody tank traps when pissed. They were also full of shit!
  7. How would anybody know about Ibrox Rangers? Mind you the BBC spends 80% of it's time yabbering about things Jock. 19% is promoting that other BROWN fellow. So 1% is devoted to Aussie stuff like neighbours and some version of Casualty.
  8. So why did you ask about the US Rangers?
  9. 8)

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  10. That was the serious question. Well those guys on do take life serious like.
    Now I know you two would like to debate the relative histories and abilities of sections of the US military but can you do it in yer own thread please. btw BritFor (who I hope survived/or is surviving his all expenses paid excursion "over the hills and far away") never rated dem Rangers higher than yer standard Brit. Infantryman. He would know.

    As would i. I have served with both Army Rangers and British troops. I can't speak on knowledge skills because i have neither gone through Ranger school or British training. But i can say that in my opinion the Army Ranger is a cut above a British infantryman. To even imply that one of your average troops is equal to one of our specialized SOF is an insult, bobajot. I won't stand by when a U.S. Marine makes the same chestbeating claim and i won't do it here, either.

    The other was banter about Jocks who seem to have taken over everything in the UK.
  11. Could you be a tad more explicit. The censor seems to object to dem gonad thingies. You've found were it puts them?
  12. British and American troops are 'designed' to do a different job, in a different manner. Apart from that, each have entirely different attitudes to soldiering. You simply cannot compare the two and therefore this thread is pointless.
  13. the only Ranger being was/is a Royal Irish one....
  14. Ok what a bone question

    a) are you talking about the 75th battalion
    b) Or those National Guardsman who have dona ranger course

    How do you compare soldiers as they will always face unique tactical situations and deal with them as their unique doctrine orders this thread is arrse and should be binned