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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Scouse06uk, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. Me and one of the female gunners from our battery have started seeing each other outside the TA and it has became serious. At the moment we are unsure if the it is in the best interest to tell our anyone in the barracks in case it is frowned upon. Both of us our still recruits and are unsure on how it all works.

    Would the TA have a problem with us being an item or would they be OK with it.

    Or should we keep it quiet and tell know one about it. Its a bit difficult at the moment as we have to arrive and leave in different cars when it would be much easier for us both to go in just the one vehicle.

    I know it might sound silly asking this but i have tried looking around the Internet to no avail.

    some advice would be much appreciated.
  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Dont know the official policy for TA, but in my TA bn, there are several relationships, including at least one marriage I think.
    I think if the two of you remain professional during TA time, not a problem.
  3. If you are a girl it would lower the tone.
  4. We are keeping private life away from the the Barracks and just getting on with out tasks. We don't flirt or mess about we just get on with things.
  5. I thought that said in the mess we just get on with things, could have been interesting...
  6. Don't publicise it but dont hide it either. Nothing wrong if you arrive in the same cars. Don't mates do that?

    When they find out in time you are an item, and they have seen that you were professional at all times they wont care. Its happened in the Regs and hasnt been a problem.
  7. Cheers thanks for your advice.
  9. crack on, be sensible, still get drunk in the bar with your mates, and apply balance to everything you do.
  10. i know a few people who are seeing each other in the TA (straight relationships, just in case anyone was wondering) and in one case I know a couple that met threough the TA and are now both married have been for the last 9 years - granted they are not in the TA anymore but thats because they moved overseas.

    You should have no dramas with it and anyone who has then the green eyed monster is cutting around!
  11. Two of my mates were engaged when they joined up, and recently married. Went through all the RT weekends and everything together. No dramas at all really.
  12. Official line is apply the Service Test. Usually not a problem but best that they are not in the same CoC.
  13. It could hinder your capability to do your job if you get order to assassinate her.
  14. Depends of if she ironed my kit properly
  15. msr

    msr LE


    Rule 1: Never let the Doris near your kit.