Relationships between RAF and Army

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by HungryHungryHobo, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. Okay, so I had a boyfriend in the RAF, we split up 1-2 days ago after 2 years (we broke up because of I am joining the Army myself) Can it really work between people for two different military careers? anyone got any experience of a simular thing? Is it better to leave it alone or try to work it out or in the end is it worth not bothering? :oops:
  2. I knew a few people who're in the Army and are married to crabs. I don't see why it can't work, he's probably just upset that you'll be able to kick his arse.
  3. I know of several married couples who had one in the RAF and one the Army. I know of a fair few cross capbadge marriages too.

    They can and do work.

    But seeing as you've already split up....
  4. True love will conquer all :D
    But if you're already split up, might as well find someone in your own force :wink:
  5. My bold - There's your problem; you're classing the RAF as part of the Military :)

    He's broke up with you because you're joining the Army? Concentrate on getting in/getting on with your Army career and give it a bit of time.

    What trade/role you joining as?

    Good luck!
  6. Nah he just said we needed a break because he didn't know what he wanted =P Cheeky bastard blamed everything on me ;D I think he split with me because of that anyway because he was against me joining at first. 2 years down the drain =P Dead on two years when we broke up aswell.. had a crappy halloween, we was engaged but not anymore... just wanted to know whether it could work
  7. I suspect it could work, but given what you've said, why would you want it to.

    Read back over your own comments, and then tell me what part of it doesn't suggest he's a control freak.

    I suggest that the real reason he doesn't want you joining the army, is because it'll take the wind out of his sails. All his 'crab' stories of daring do in the face of the screaming hoards of attacking fuzzy wuzzies, will be instantly disarmed by you saying "Is that all you pussy? In the Army we have to__________________". You get the point I'm sure.

    My advise is concentrate on building a life in the Army. You'll have a great time and make loads of mukkas. The crab is history. Fook him off at the high port.

    And don't worry about blokes. The first time you bump into a Batallion, you'll have 650 war fighters all buying you beer and trying to give you a nobbing. So happy days ahead.

    Good luck