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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Ivttmc, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. Hi there,
    I'm new to arrse and have a question regarding relationships between officers within the army. My OH and I met in the OTC and we have always known he was going to Sandhurst after he finishes uni, I was in the OTC more out of curiosity, but have since decided that I would like to join the army. As we graduate this year, he will be going to RMAS in the September intake whereas I will be staying at uni to do my masters. If I go the year after, would it be frowned upon or not allowed for us to be in a relationship?
  2. You met before joining up. Are you looking to work in the same area within the army ? If not I see no problems at all.

    It is all about chains of command. The leeway for young officers, with other young officers, is quite wide. If you go in as a private then there would be problems !

    Good luck with the masters.
  3. You're not by any chance a woman are you?
  4. This will not end well.
  5. Yes, I am a woman.
    He is sponsored by an infantry regiment so we will be going into different branches of the army. Though I haven't decided 100% which area I would like to go into.
  6. Doss bag - 4 tonner?
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  7. It's customary to post a pic of yourself for sensible answers.
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  8. Ah well, you're in trouble then. We much prefer chaps who went to a decent school, know their way around a prefect's study, Oxbridge leading on to a life of homos.......... no, hang on, this isn't the NAAFI.

    Just arrseing about. There is absolutely no issue with the relationship you describe.
  9. Officers shag each other all the time. How do you think the Royal Regiment of Artillery would procreate were that option not available? Crack on...
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  10. Were you jealous when you got knocked back from joining the Royal Regiment.
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  11. Women: Know Your Limits! Harry Enfield - BBC comedy - YouTube

    Watch this, it will give you some good guidelines...
  12. An aspect to consider, having seen many an inter-officer relationship fail (I've seen some succeed too...), is that you may end up at different ends of the country, if not globe.

    This brings a new dimension to long-distance relationship, as you may be 2Lt whatever at wherever you are, getting thrashed by your CO and he will be 2Lt Haven't-got-time-to-talk, I'm on PCDC (or whatever it's called). And that's after he gets through RMAs and then you do (which in itself isn't renowned for being easy on relationships).

    not to be the harbinger of doom, but think long and hard about it.

    If you go one step further and become betrothed, they are only obliged to post you to the same op Theatre too - so both in Germany or both in the UK etc.

    I've known many inter-Officer marriages go tits up when they end up being 300 miles (minimum) apart, on clashing schedules with their respective regiments. OR you beg your MCM, or he his, to be posted nearer and end up with a pointless career of doss jobs, just to be close.

    As I said, not wishing to be too negative...but it is Friday! ;-)
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  13. Just go with it and see how it goes. Don't over evaluate it or try and plan ahead. Effectively you will be a student while he is at Sandhurst - a very normal circumstance. Then you will be at Sandhurst and he will be in employment - a very normal circumstance. Then you will both be officers in the Army - another normal circumstance. I am not saying there will not be strains and pressures that these circumstances put on the relationship but if your relationship is strong it will survive.


  14. It's ok , I'm sure you'll meet some socialist fresher next year for the "Gap" period. No doubt he will either get some female at sandhurst or get up to London for a few nights out. Either way you won't be bereft.
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  15. That's where her SNCO's will come in. I'm sure a young, thrusting Sgt will be only to happy to spear her behind the vehicle sheds.