Relationships across the ranks?

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by kellogs, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. I have just skimmed Values & Standards of the British Army and note that your specific question isn't answered although the paragraph on social conduct includes "taking sexual advantage of subordinates" which is a bit beyond "dating".

    But, the Service Test is:

    "Have the actions or behaviour of an individual adversely impacted, or are they likely to impact, on the efficiency or operational effectiveness of the Army?"

    Dating someone who is either higher or lower in the chain of command will cause problems and the Service Test will then apply, leaving the individuals open to disciplinary action. However, there will be a degree of mitigation if the circumstances warrant.

    So, for example, if you are both Cpls in the same relationship and one is promoted, there will not be any impact.

    If you are a Cpl Instructor and you fall in love with a Pte in your training regiment - stand by for fireworks.

    If you are serving, you should have been given the pamphlet. Speak to your RAO if you don't have a copy.

  2. Litotes,
    That was a really good reply. I'm glad you got in there before me as Kellogs' post had all the hall marks of a "worried of Catterick" stamped on it.
  3. J_D

    J_D LE

    So how are you 'loved up with' across the ranks??

    As far as I knew it was ok aslong as it was kept off base and didn't effect the work environment. However I have known a few people who were 'transfered' after they were found out.
  4. Thanks, Rickshaw.

    The original post was in the early hours of the morning, too! I agree with your deduction.

  5. Well, i got f*cked by a few seniors and officers... does that count?
  6. Aah, Shortfuse, there you are! I want you to do a small job for me before I write your CR. Just take these 10 rds of 9mm ammo and Pte Bloggs from Holding Platoon and invade Iraq. You have until next Wednesday to sort it all out and report back to me. I'll write your CR on Wed evening and fax it to records on Thu morning, just in time for the Sgts' promotion board. Honest.

    Any questions? No? Good. I'll see you on Wednesday... and, Shortfuse, your career is safe in my hands!

    Litotes :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Litotes, I can see that you are perfect material for Morale Counter Measures Division. In fact, I think I'll recommend you to them as being the perfect man to fill a slot..... no, not that kind of slot, you dirty minded wee things reading this over Litote's shoulder..... in Glasgow.
    I'm still worried about this dating across the ranks thing. Is it similar to tree dating where the age of a tree can be determined by cutting a core sample? I can only imagine its the sort of job to be given to the RAMC so that nobody will mind if its a junior dating a senior or whatever. Will it involve the use of a coring tool or will it be a visual dating thing - "lack of hair except in ears and nostrils, incipient paunch, flushed complexion and extremely loud voice - all dating indicators of past sell by date officer. Sub-genus RA officer." Will it be by taking the urine?
    Well, what else could it be.....The weekend is calling. Theres hills to climb, wine to drink and not a hint of a cloud on the horizon. Just watch some bugger muck it all up. Have a good one if you can Arrsers.
  8. Don't know what UK rules are, but under Canadian Forces reg, there are latitudes, but a big no-no exists as to dating /relationships where ' chain-of-command ' issues are involved. So an SAS could date a REME if they were really decadent...

  9. TROOPY .... is that you ??? 8O :D
  10. Now there's a pairing that one rarely sees.... that would, indeed, be decadence!

  11. Yes, Shortfuse, but why are you hanging around? You should be halfway there by now! :lol:

  12. blimey ... you've slacked ... in days gone by it would of been "half way back"
  13. Poor old badge, no-one to love, either up or down the ranks.
  14. Ahh, Shortfuse. I do hope that the invasion is going to plan. Had to change my plan a bit, I regret. I'll have to write your CR tonight, so can you bring to an end the Phase 3 bit, write the Post-Op report, draft your Phase 4 plan for my agreement, and let me have them by 1800hrs?

    As long as you achieve that, I should be able to give you a B or a B+ in this CR thingy and then you won't be able to claim that you were f***ed by the system, will you?

    Give me a yell if you have any issues with that! :lol: :lol:

    (of course, none of this has any relevance to the original post but it is Monday afternoon and the wheels grind very slowly whilst waiting for IT to reconfigure the printer)!