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On joining the RN our Part 1 instructor told the class "If you needed a wife - the Navy would have issued you with one - along with your kitbag and hammock".

Is that why you all bum each other?
In the Army we had to make up our own:

Thats extensive.
Always used to make me snigger when we got a new wren onboard. They'd join in a blaze of stuff like: "My boyfriend from basic is on the Ark Royal- we're getting engaged". Little did they realise this placed an immediate challenge / target on their crevice.

Within 2 weeks - half the ship would have ploughed her.

I think its a pipe dream to even attempt to maintain a relationship during basic / early days in the forces. External pressures are too great and not congruent with 'normal loving relationship behavior'.
There will be a good few experiences you'll have the chance to partake in- and get out of your system first.

I'm mid 40s now. There are young people at work who would give anything to be able to brag on instagram about the same things I was doing as normality when I was their age. To the OP - you too will be in that position one day - provided you take the opportunities afforded to you- and don't waste effort on a relationship doomed to fail one way or another.
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Further to my last -to the OP:

You are about to be presented with a unique set of opportunities. Don't throw away the chance to partake in any - whilst holding to a pipe dream of maintaining this relationship. You run the risk of ending up like many I have known...hitting 30 and realising you never really "lived". Never banged multiple birds in a night/week. Never got chased by an angry whore / never woke up finding yourself on the 3rd floor of a Dubai hotel that had been block booked by an airline and- finding 3 of their air hostesses are also in the bed you are in - you're not wearing boxers but the sheets have sticky spots..yet you dont remember a thing so - shag them all again "just to make sure".

You cant partake in that sort of stuff as a young blood whilst trying to maintain an air of "we'll always be together". You wont. You'll hit 22-23 and something will happen and you'll realise all your previous efforts of "towing the line" were in vain because she was banging someone else all along - and only held onto you to satisfy her own guilt. If you're really unlucky you'll also be forking out child maintenance.


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Our Platoon in training were being inspected. We had a very 'gentlemanly' young officer and a rough wartime Platoon Sergeant. One of our lot had been promoted 'Recruit lance Corporal' The young officer inspected him and remarked '"Your stripes are nice and white, well done!" The new lance corporal then stated proudly "I painted them with my girl friend's lipstick brush Sir!" Up came our rough ol Sergeant and put his face close to the new L/C and asked "What kind of cow to you go out with if she puts her lipstick on with a fcuking brush?" silence for a moment, then he went on "You have been here fifteen weeks... don't kid yourself she's not getting it four times a week!
I supposed he was promoting 'morale and discipline'... wartime fashion.

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