Relationship with Police

Discussion in 'Officers' started by fatherjack, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. Remembering back to my training, there was a brief discussion about the relationship between civil plod and Army Officers.
    The claim made was that Officers can only be questioned etc by Police of an equal or higher rank.
    Was this total bull, or is it true?
  2. Absolute rubbish.I take it you may be in the brown and smelly stuff then? :roll:

    Edited to add,as is the time displayed on this post.
  3. Fortunately, not.

    Just settling an argument.

  4. Put me a tenner on it that it's rubbish.
  5. You are correct when it comes to Service Police interviewing an officer (not sure if it is the rules or just good form).

    In the case of civvy-bill an army officer is just another member of the public and can be questioned by the lowest of lowly PCs.

    Off thread but funnily enough CivPol are supposed to salute Army Officers, as we should our own Police Officers of the rank of inspector and above. They are old-school rules and it doesn't happen anymore and they are lucky if the get called sir rather than "guv" where I work. I do salute Army Officers though, as it's good manners, just don't use the crappy US-Navy style police salute we were taught at Hendon.
  6. Isn't this a RMP rule mixing with Plod?

    I think the monkies can't arrest someone of higher rank. Or above a certain rank above their own...
  7. No he's not.
  8. Yes they can.
  9. Barrack room myth.
  10. So, you're wrong again then. Becoming a bit of a habit this.
  11. I'll go tell the OC, a very experienced and respected SIB LE Officer, that he's wrong - on your say so Biscuits.

    Edited to add: while I'm at it I'll go and tell another Officer that she needn't have bothered with the interview she did the other week, we should have got one of the Lance jacks to do it!
  12. You do that deary. But please kindly refrain from turning this into another one of your petty on-line disagreements.
  13. I refer the honorable gentleman to the answer I gave a few moments ago
  14. Well, looks like your overwhelming knowledge and experience have won the day for you then.