Relationship Dilemma

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Capt Totty, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. Capt Totty

    Capt Totty Crow

    Hi All

    I am due to go to Sandhurst at the end of this year. I am a 20 something attractive female with degree education and Professional Quals which I intend to utilise in the Army. This will mean I will pass out as a Captain.

    My dilemma is my boyfriend. He is in phase 2 training as a Private Soldier and is more interested in 'X Box' than my box, if you get my drift!

    I don't want to hurt his feelings, but how can I have him at the passing out parade in his Private's uniform amongst all my Officer friends.

    He wants to be a PTI (amongst other things, too much Call of Duty I think), but I've got more chance of getting through Sandhurst without shagging someone than he has of being a PTI! And that's NO CHANCE! :excited:

    Shall I dump him now and prepare myself for some serious Gyno action or shall I let nature take it's course and wait for a real man to come along and send him a Dear John?

    All suggestions greatly appreciated.................... Oh and no pictures so don't ask!

    Capt T XXXX
  2. Bin him! And take up lezzering!
  3. Capt Totty

    Capt Totty Crow

    Oh Hun, that's so last week, I do all that at Uni, I just don't tell him! ;)
  4. Brit_Bulldog

    Brit_Bulldog Old-Salt

    I reckon you'll be showing no pictures because you have a cock - Wah
  5. Capt Totty

    Capt Totty Crow

    Only a strap on one for my girlfriends, but you'd probably like that yourself! 'Brit-Bulldog'? What are you over compensating for?
  6. Brit_Bulldog

    Brit_Bulldog Old-Salt

    My lack of charm.
  7. Yeah_Innit_Blud

    Yeah_Innit_Blud RIP RIP

    Bullshit, and do fuck off.
  8. Ritch

    Ritch LE

  9. Bin him and start shagging traffic cones.
  10. Blimey no wonder he doesn't want to be near you.

  11. Recce19

    Recce19 LE

    Piss-poor wind up! :roll:
  12. I was about to say 'you couldn't make this up'....but clearly you have.
  13. Poacher

    Poacher LE

    Another wahtastic windup - still beats listening to the budget I suppose.
  14. Fat_Cav

    Fat_Cav LE

    Me too!

    However, it's a shining example of what not-to-ask and it should be on the rules page in the 'Don't waste our time asking drivel questions like this' section.

    Along with . .

    "I want to be an AT, what's it like?"
    "Do we need the Para's anymore?"
    "Should I do my mates ex-girlfriend, that is begging me to do her up the wrong 'un, even though my mate thoroughly approves?"
    "I'm a lazy journo and is it acceptable for the todays modern military to do my job for me?"