Relations sink further as Hamid Karzai accused of drug abuse

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. The war of words between the former deputy head of the UN mission to Afghanistan and the country's president escalated last night when Peter Galbraith suggested that Hamid Karzai's "mental stability" was in question and that he has a substance abuse problem.

    Galbraith, the US diplomat who worked for the UN in Kabul until last year, made his remarks live on US television. His comments come as the White House considers withdrawing an invitation for Karzai to meet Barack Obama in Washington next month.
  2. This is a very serious allegation, and very disturbing if true, given that our soldiers are risking themselves for him as much as for us. I hope there will be a proper and adequate denial of this. If not then this will be a bit tricky, who would replace him?
  3. Perhaps the guy,who came second at the election,might make a start,if Karzai is pushed out(fat chance)?
  4. If I was tasked with running Afghanistan, I'd be drugged up to the eyeballs also!
  5. From The Majlis Peter Galbraith : 2010 :: Matthew Hoh : 2009 by Gregg Carlstrom
    The very reliable Reidar Visser also has a pop at Galbraith here. Still I feel is somewhat unfair on Galbraith, a man who is plainly not the pot calling the kettle black.

    Galbraith is a good friend to the Kurdish people. He was instrumental in the sanctions regime after imposed after “al-anfal” in the 80s and has been involved ever since.

    His advocacy for the madcap invasion of Iraq does seem to have been motivated by a very moral concern for human rights and dewy eyed dreams of Kurdish self determination. He's been passionately pro-Kurdish separatism since Baghdad fell, rushing in early enough to be distressed by the looting. He immediately started trying to shape Iraqi law that would secure the Kirkuk field. Such oil deals would greatly facilitate eventual Kurdish secession from Iraq.

    I suspect wetting your beak to some measure would be essential in such a role. A middle man who did not would arose great suspicion in corrupt morass of Iraqi politics and would simply not be trusted. I've not seen rock solid proof of even that sort of pragmatism in this case.

    I only have one quibble with Peter: even with Joe "Sykes-Picot II" Bidden slouching round the Whitehouse this giddy dream is not DCs policy. It would probably be disastrous event that could lead to a bloody full blown Iraqi civil war. Israel likes the idea and that's partly because the Kurds would be a distracting target for Arab anger, the only other regional power that's at all supportive is devious Qom which should raise a host of red flags. It would be opposed by Sunni Arab states and would likely end in a Turkish invasion. No Kurdish state in history has lasted longer than a few years. Former ambassadors might be expected to consider their own countries interests first.

    He's that most dangerous of creatures: a well intentioned Wilsonian liberal rather than a carpetbagger. Despite his erratic behavior of late I do not believe that he has a certain fondness for some of Iraq's most profitable exports or question his mental stability.
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