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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gobbly wobbly, Apr 18, 2011.

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  1. Has anyone seen BBC News this morning? A trainee midwife is explaining how she's related to Katey. The quote that made me laugh is "I'm not normal anymore." Given that she weighs about 20 stone and has died her hair bright ginger, it's not her distant relationship to the Middletons that makes her not normal.

    She was banging on about the fact it would be nice for her to get an invite and people who are more distantly related got an invite. I suspect that a leopard skin clad gwar the size of a barrage ballon wouldn't have much in common with HMQ when mingling at the reception.
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  2. Haha, I caught the end of that. She was never normal that whale of a wench. There is obviously a reason that she is a distant relative and will never get invited to anything. It was funny watching that balloon try to put on some heirs and graces thinking she was special. Special needs more like.
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

  4. how distant are we talking?

    The 'never met but now we are related in some bizare way' distant?
  5. Saw that. I got the impression that she ( I hope) was having a laugh and enjoying her 15 minutes of fame.
  6. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    2 or 3 distance relatives would take up the same footprint and eat less at the wedding. That's why she's not invited

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  7. Hopefully she'll die shortly of an overindulgence of cakes and pies.

    The fat cow.
  8. Whats worse? Her making the most of her 5 minutes of fame - wondering why sharing the same Great, Great grandmother (someone who, when asked she knew zilch about) as the girl marrying into royalty makes her 'special'. Or the fact that we are so obsessed with the royal wedding and Kate's 'roots' we seek out, look for people like this, put them on TV when, they have absolutely nothing interesting to say!

    And she's surprised not to have an invite?
  9. Let's face it. If the podgy fat fuck was invited the buffet costs alone would bankrupt the monarchy.
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  10. Why not? Every Brownose, Arrsehole Crawler, 'Royal Watcher', 'Monarchy Expert' and 'Court Journalist' has already crawled out of the woodwork to offer their 5 pennyworth on what Kate (or William or Kate's mother or Uncle Tom Cobley) needs to do before the wedding - there's more than enough room for a few more.
  11. Not for the fat bloater there isn't
  12. Well that's my sexual satisfaction taken care of...cheers Gobbly wobbly!
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  13. i didnt see it but i can imagine the retards will crawl out the wood work soon saying how distraught they were at not being invited maybe they should take the hint ....there was something similar a few years ago to do with the queen mother ........ i think they claimed to be entitled to some sort of title ,they were typical chav scum who had checked there family tree out i suppose its cheap telly .
  14. Heres the fat slapper.


    They obviously like sheds as well!
  15. Oh come on, be fair, if it wasn't her then someone else would crawl up to the rostrum. I was in BAOR when Princess Anne got hitched (the first time) and, even from that distance and watching on BFBS, it was embarassing. Fortunately, I was on leave in Greece for the Charles and Diana fiasco and wasn't subject to the bullshit surrounding that particular cake and arrse party.