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  1. hi, i recently left the army in late october, due to a few problems. i completed phase 1 at bassingbourn for 20 weeks and then moved on to catterick for my CIC where i completed 9 weeks out of 14. after i was discharged i realised i made a mistake and wanted back in, so contacted my recruitment office and explained the situation, then i was told i would have to go through phase 1 again.

    is this correct or is there any kind of refresher course i can go on before moving onto phase 2? because this seems abit drastic after completing said training. any help with this matter would be apprietiated.

  2. You didn't complete any said training. You attempted it and got out before the end so how can it seem a bit drastic. You can't do it in installments. Its not HP.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Just get back in and do it. What's a few weeks extra - you will know what is coming so it will be a breeze.
  4. Sounds to me that you joined initially as a junior. Now that you are re enlisting, you more than likely come under adult entry age, and therefore must attend CIC for 24 weeks, as phase one and two are not seperate. You didnt pass out of Catterick, so are not exempt anything at all. If you really want back in, just put up with it- a couple of weeks is no drama in the grand scheme of things.