Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by tommylads18, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. hi, i recently left the army in late october, due to a few problems. i completed phase 1 at bassingbourn for 20 weeks and then moved on to catterick for my CIC where i completed 9 weeks out of 14. after i was discharged i realised i made a mistake and wanted back in, so contacted my recruitment office and explained the situation, then i was told i would have to go through phase 1 again.

    is this correct or is there any kind of refresher course i can go on before moving onto phase 2? because this seems abit drastic after completing said training. any help with this matter would be apprietiated.

  2. you will have to do all your training again phase1 and 2 and if you left through you DAOR you will not get that option again to use it.
  3. I'm doing the same sort of thing, it's because of this recession s*** and our ages and lack of job experience we just can't find squat on civvy street I know your feeling...however I had gone adult and straight to ITC Catterick and had 4 weeks till passout (so 1 week ahead of you so pretty similar), I don’t know about your particular situation but my ACIO were a bit more positive (hopefully, because in the end the receiving branch could just * me anyway and say start again) but they said might be able to skip phase1 but I don't know how it's going to pan out in the end and I'm changing job choice to Royal Armoured Corps maybe that is helping me considering I’ve basically done 90% of Infantry training I might no something about the skills required for passing phase1 (no s***) but who knows, it could be worse...they could say no altogether to letting you rejoin and the corps your going into has to approve either from their past experience of you or if a new trade from your old corps so that takes time as well, feel free to ask for any info seeing as I'm doing what your trying to do now anyway...

    1. you won't get a DAOR as said he's right at least about that, it's 4 years if you accept offer of employment (provided they OK it and give you any offer ).
    2. You may have to repeat phase1.
    3. You will have to do your application again (they have changed, slightly more detailed now...)
    4. You will have to do barb test again.
    5. Receiving arms will have to want you.
    6. It will count against you if you were a knob....but lets face it you didn't get kicked out (or you say you DOAR'd anyway) so should be happy there...
    7. Since phase2 is job training you will have to start that over...(which for me I’m not bothered as it's a new job )